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Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by Knave, May 5, 2004.

  1. Knave

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    May 25, 1999
    Brizan, Neal

    [thread=175818]DC @ Harbor View FC, 3/16/05, (CONCACAF Champions Cup)[/thread]

    Canales, Roni

    [thread=179381]DC vs SJ, 3/19/05, (Carolina Challenge Cup)[/thread]

    Geiger, Mark

    [thread=123671]Nottingham Forest @ DC, 7/14/04, (friendly)[/thread]
    [thread=138293]CH @ DC, 9/18/04[/thread]
    [thread=180428]DC @ Charleston Battery, 3/22/05, (The Coffee Pot Cup & Carolina Challenge Cup)[/thread]

    Grajeda, Hilario

    [thread=119151]DC @ Rochester, 6/23/04, (friendly)[/thread]

    Hernandez, Alcides

    [thread=120974]DC @ CO, 5/20/04[/thread]

    Kennedy, Michael

    [thread=149990]DC vs KC, 11/14/04, (MLS Cup 2004)[/thread]

    Marrufo, Jair

    [thread=120974]NY @ DC, 7/3/04[/thread]
    [thread=139983]DC @ CB, 9/25/04[/thread]

    Navarro, Mauricio

    [thread=186621]UNAM Pumas @ DC, 4/6/05, (CONCACAF Champions Cup)[/thread]

    Okulaja, Abbey

    [thread=108816]DC @ SJ, 5/1/04[/thread]
    [thread=138293]DC @ DA, 7/24/04[/thread]
    [thread=187150]CH @ DC, 4/10/05[/thread]

    Prus, Alex

    [thread=106210]DC @ NY, 4/17/04[/thread]
    [thread=112608]LA @ DC, 5/19/04[/thread]
    [thread=141102]CD Municipal @ DC, 9/29/04, (friendly)[/thread]

    Quesada, Walter

    [thread=175499]Harbor View FC @ DC, 3/9/05, (CONCACAF Champions Cup)[/thread]

    Salazar, Ricardo

    [thread=111510]KC @ DC, 5/15/04[/thread]
    [thread=128664]DC @ SJ, 8/07/04[/thread]
    [thread=136832]DA @ DC, 9/11/04[/thread]

    Stott, Kevin

    [thread=103709]SJ @ DC, 4/3/04[/thread]
    [thread=115484]DC @ CH, 6/5/04[/thread]
    [thread=123933]LA @ DC, 7/17/04[/thread]
    [thread=141511]DC @ NY, 10/02/04[/thread]
    [thread=145966]DC @ NY, 10/23/04, (1st Leg Playoff Semifinals)[/thread]
    [thread=184712]DC @ CDCUSA, 4/02/05[/thread]

    St. Silva, Gus

    [thread=119488]DC @ DA, 6/26/04[/thread]

    Terry, Kevin

    [thread=114313]DC @ NE, 5/29/04[/thread]
    [thread=118239]CB @ DC, 6/19/04[/thread]
    [thread=129775]CO @ DC, 8/11/04[/thread]
    [thread=135267]DC @ CH, 9/04/04[/thread]
    [thread=144536]NY @ DC, 10/17/04[/thread]

    Tobon, Hector

    [thread=125159]DC @ Richmond, 7/21/04, (USOC)[/thread]

    Toledo, Baldomero

    [thread=116847]CO @ DC, 6/12/04[/thread]
    [thread=130344]NE @ DC, 9/14/04[/thread]

    Valenzuela, Ricardo

    [thread=107549]CH @ DC, 4/24/04[/thread]
    [thread=147232]NY @ DC, 10/23/04, (2nd Leg Playoff Semifinals)[/thread]

    Vaughn, Terry

    [thread=105070]DC @ LA, 4/10/04[/thread]
    [thread=110163]CB @ DC, 5/8/04[/thread]
    [thread=133672]DC @ NE, 8/28/04[/thread]
    [thread=148763]NE @ DC, 10/6/04, (Eastern Conference Final)[/thread]

    Yonan, Marcel

    [thread=122470]DC @ KC, 7/10/04[/thread]
    [thread=132055]DC @ CB, 8/21/04[/thread]
    [thread=142824]NE @ DC, 10/9/04[/thread]
  2. JayRockers!

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    Aug 4, 2001
    I found the ref pool for 2005 on MLSNet.

    Roni Canales (1)
    Andy Chapin (1)
    Mark Geiger (1)
    Hilario Grajeda (0)
    *Brian Hall (9)
    Ramon Hernandez (1)
    Richard Heron (8)
    Ben Jones (0)
    *Michael Kennedy (9)
    Jair Marrufo (3)
    Jeffrey Mellen (0)
    Abbey Okulaja (2)
    *Alex Prus (8)
    Gus St. Silva (5)
    Ricardo Salazar (6)
    Erich Simmons (7)
    Brent Sorg (1)
    *Kevin Stott (9)
    Lee Suckle (0)
    *Kevin Terry (9)
    Baldomero Toledo (1)
    *Ricardo Valenzuela (9)
    *Terry Vaughn (7)
    Marcel Yonan (9)

    Assistant Referees
    *Greg Barkey
    David Bragg
    *Nate Clement
    Jose Corro
    *Steve Davidson
    Jorge de la Bandera
    Bill Dittmar
    Rick Eddy
    *Rob Fereday
    *George Gansner
    Kenneth Kaplan
    *Craig Lowry
    CJ Morgante
    Emiliano Monje
    *Kermit Quisenberry
    Corey Rockwell
    Chip Reed
    Paul Scott
    *Chris Strickland
    *Tom Supple
    Steve Taylor
    Fabio Tovar
    Anthony Vasoli (0)
    *George Vergara (9)
    Adam Wienckowski (0)

    Assistant Referees and 4th Official
    Mark Gorak
    Rizal Milliken
    Mikael Lundqvist
    Ben Chouaf
    Matt Grove
    Scott McCaslin
    Adam Garner
    Troy Travis
    Brad Clem
    Mark Arblaster
    Arnold Baldeaux
    Niko Bratsis
    Gunther Haidenthaller
    Feliciano Palomino
    Tyler Ploeger
    Alexander Mitelman
    Yader Reyes
    Kari Seitz

    * Denote FIFA-certified referees, who are eligible to work games in the FIFA World Cup, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, Olympics, and other international competitions in the United States and abroad. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF), which oversees the assignment, assessment, and training of all referees in the country, assigned the four-man teams to officiate each game.



    Knave-if you want to edit this to make the table easier to read (like on the website) feel free. I couldn't figure out how to do it.

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