David Boston = Demetrius Harris (Playmakers)

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by appoo, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Jul 30, 2001
    What a punk

    dind't know where to put this Mods. This really doesn't have anything to do with Week 4 and there is no NFL In-season Discussion thread
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    Right now, this is close to worst I've ever felt as a Charger football fan. Before this season I was really excited by the Boston signing, now it looks like this might be the second coming of Ryan Leaf.

    Hopefully the players will rally around this and pull out a squaker in Oakland. If we fold this one, the season is mailed in, the players have lost faith in Marty.
  3. Garcia

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    Dec 14, 1999
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    Don't forget the manner in which things changed for Marty ball in DC. He lost his players early by going against the oldest and most respected guy, but it turned around.

    I don't see a reason to dig yourself a big hole, but once it is dug, don't fall in. Stick someone else there.

    As far a the Leaf reference, if you read the NFL 4th week thread, you will learn that the last player suspended by the Chargers was Leaf.

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