Daniel Carpenter and Atletico Paranaense

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    California teen Daniel Carpenter, little brother of a former UCLA player, spent several months at Atletico Paranaense in Brazil, according to this article:

    While his classmates were graduating from high school this spring, Carpenter, 18, had already spent a quarter in college and three months training in one of the top youth soccer programs in the world.​

    Here's the full link:

    As Daniel is returning to the States to play for Seattle Pacific U., he's not really a YA any more. That said, I'm pointing this article out for a couple of reasons.

    One is this quote:

    Halfway through his junior year, his big break seemed to arrive: a spot on Italian League power AC Milan’s under-17 team.

    Close to decision time, though, one of Carpenter’s contacts came up a different option.

    As Carpenter began to find out more about Brazilian power Athletico Paranaense and its under-17 team, the more he liked it. And at the same time, the AC Milan option began to become more complicated.

    The Italian league teams have a limit on American players, and the club made it clear that they weren’t going to use a spot on Carpenter unless he remained in their program for more than a year. Carpenter would have to turn pro right out of high school if he wanted to join the club.

    Though he does have professional aspirations, and the decision became harder than Carpenter ever thought it would be, he was focused on returning to school.​

    I point this out not to call for a referendum on Daniel's decision but simply to point out that here's yet another example of a big overseas club offering a place to a U.S. teen. I can think of at least one other currently playing in college who turned down Milan, and there may be another current high school senior who did the same.

    Whatever you may make of it, it's certainly impressive that he was offered such a deal at all. This is probably a lot more common then we realize.

    The second bit has to do with the Brazilian club. With Carpenter I can now think of at least four (total) young Americans who have had short stints at AP. The others are Rick Kukwa, Michael Banner and, currently, Leon Abravanel.

    It seems all of them can do so without forfeiting college eligibility and so I'm wondering whether this is really some kind of pay-for-play system where the players are really enrolling in some kind of "study abroad" program for sports.

    If anyone has information please share!

    Here is the club's web site:

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    Please tell me he's an 87????

    Or any of the others??

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