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    May 20, 2002
    D.C. United Golf Outing at Fairfax National Golf Club

    The Screaming Eagles (Matt, Bill, Steve and Dean) were paired with Mark Simpson, former goalkeeper now coach with D.C. United. Mark is a two handicapper and can flat out smoke the ball off the tee. We started off great, something like four under par through six holes, but we staggered a bit, as we had to deal with several obstacles. Rising temperatures, rising scores and rising number of aluminum cans in the cart.

    Despite all this, we were able to contribute in various ways. Yours truly sank a long putt for birdie on our eighth hole and I even had a couple of my drives used. This was rare for our team though as I rarely hit it into the fairway thanks to my hideous slice. Let’s just say we all liked where Mark drove it most of the afternoon.

    They were giving away a Honda CRV for a hole in one at one of the par 3’s. I already have a Honda but I do not have a paid off Honda. I went into my Tiger Woods Sunday At The Masters I’m In The Lead Don’t Mess With Me stare and locked in on the task at hand. I did hit my ball online with the pin, but my ball went right. I had plenty of distance, but they stuck the damn pin in the wrong place. Go figure. I walk away head down ala Phil Mickelson on a Sunday at a Major making a mental note to cut my August car payment check to Honda Finance, due 8/15.

    Speaking of Honda’s, as I stated last week in the Golf topic we started, my game last week resembled a beat up ’79 Honda with a door missing and the windshield cracked. There was improvement off the tee from last weekend where I just came apart at my bachelor party outing at Blue Mash. Mark offered up a couple golf tips and one of them enabled me to hit the ball off the tee better. Still have to work on my slice though. I was really disappointed by my putting thanks to some horrible reads on my part and was bummed I couldn’t help out much there after nailing a long putt for birdie earlier in the round (All luck by the way).

    We ended up seven under par for the day and we secured third place with this score.

    Major props to D.C. United and staff for putting this on. I definitely want to participate again next year. Props to Mark Simpson, for being a class act and his wife for putting up with four guys who, um, didn’t have their A games yesterday. I’m going to work on my game more so I can do better next year.


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