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Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by ASU55RR, Sep 20, 2012.

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    So about three years ago, I made a proposal on the forum request board that this sub-forum be altered to include Slovakia, along the lines of the Austria & Switzerland forum. At the time Slovakia had just qualified for the world cup, and there were some Slovakia threads popping up in that BigSoccer purgatory that is the Central & Eastern Europe forum. I didn't do a very good job of making the proposal, as I never attempted to gauge interest before posting in the request forum (which itself is a somewhat obscure corner of this website).

    Recently, DUST, who seems to currently be the most active Slovak(-American) poster bumped my old request, giving his support to the proposal. I think that adding Slovakia to this forum would be good for the football discussions relating to both countries. It would increase traffic for us, and it would make threads covering Slovak football easier to locate.

    In addition, there is a certain degree of overlapping interest between many fans of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I know myself that Slovakia is my 3rd favorite National Team (after CZ and USA).

    If you are interested in possibly adding Slovakia to this forum, the thread in the "forum request" forum is located here. If you have any strong objections to this proposal, feel free to voice those as well, since this forum's current traffic is hardly stressing the servers.

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