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Discussion in 'Bayern Munich' started by eissman, Nov 20, 2004.

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    In light of the recent victories, ability to find the net, emergence of Guerraro, and what seems to be somewhat of some consistancy (not necessarily in form, but in results)... I am very excited about the CLS match coming up this Tuesday.

    Would it be safe to say that Magath has found his lineup at long last? This is the same starting 11 for the past four games I believe, including the same two substitutions (Guerraro and Scholl) in the second half. It seems to be working and with the talent we have left on the bench, this looks to be a squad ready for more challenges... thus my "subdued" excitement for the upcoming match this week at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Very much looking forward to JPG opening his CLS goal account. ;)

    It would appear from our past conversations in previous threads that, at least for the time being, Mr. Kovac has proven to be a valid starter and a needed commodity. Therefore, I do not think he will be one to leave come January. As I mentioned in another thread, with the midfield coming together and SCORING goals (finally!!), it seems likely that Ze Roberto and Deisler will be reduced to finding time off the bench. Sounds strange when you say it, but what a nice insurance of backup players to have.

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    And isn't interesting that Makaay has not been our main man lately? It does look good. And this is what we were hoping for over the summer - that the midfielders would be finding some competition amongst themselves (hopefully friendly) ;)

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