1. goonerooni

    goonerooni Member

    May 21, 2003
    Hello one and all from the UK!

    Im about to embark on my first ever trip to Moscow so have got one or two questions I hope you can help me with.. ?

    About how far is the Airport from the Stadium and can you recomend and lively cities/towns to stay?

    I have looked online but I can not find what I need to know and a majority of the websites I cant underdstand :(

    On a lesser note,what is Russian for hello/goodbye and please/thank you?

    Thanks in advance.. Im off to sort out my visa :)

    Good Luck this season...


  2. BuRaK

    BuRaK New Member

    Jul 15, 2005
    Hello goonerooni

    Well I'll try to help you, as much as I can. ( I've never been to Moscow before :) )

    If my memory serves me correctly, CSKA will play CL games at Dinamo stadium this season. a photo : [​IMG]

    and I got image of location of Dinamo stadium from google earth:
    I think it very close to city center.

    and this one for you in order to get an idea how far the Domodedovo airport from the stadium:

    and translations for you:
    Hello: Zdrastvooyte
    Hi: Privet

    Goodbye: Da sveedaneeya
    Bye: Poka

    Please: pojailusta
    Thank you: Spasibo
    Thank you very much: Bolshoe spasibo

    Good luck to you too...erm..actualy I am also Man U fan,but at least good luck against Chelsea! hope you beat them and do favour for us to win the Premier League ;)

    See you!
  3. goonerooni

    goonerooni Member

    May 21, 2003
    Thanks for the info Burak, Im now all booked up Sunday - Wednesday Thanks again.

    Got a couple more questions (non football related)

    What would be considered a good, authentic local meal, and roughly what is the cost?

    About how much for a decent beer and can you recommend any local beers?

    Is there likely to be much snowfall mid October? How cold is it likely to get?

    I just want the full Russian experience crammed into a couple of days :)

    Cheers... Tone....

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