COVID-19 and Academia

Discussion in 'Education and Academia' started by Ismitje, Mar 16, 2020.

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    As of a week ago, we at University of Idaho had a two day "trial" of moving classes online, scheduled for the Monday and Tuesday following Spring Break (23-24 March). But as of Friday we switched to an indefinite time frame.

    Our dorms are remaining open as are most services. And we'll be working - theoretically at least - so we're "ahead" of a lot of places.
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    I'm in Western NY, and we just finished our first week of 100% digital. I had my first Zoom bomber today (almost positive it was one of those Turning Point USA dingleberries). Setting up passwords on all my Zoom rooms this weekend.

    This is a suitably crazy end to an already crazy year (between a 4-4 VAP and a couple of adjunct gigs, I've been teaching a 6-5 load this year).

    I've already had one pretty harsh beat. I finished my PhD last July, but since my grad institution only does one commencement per year, I was set to walk/get hooded in May. Commencement was canceled the day my regalia arrived.

    There is another potentially awful beat in the works. I was offered, and verbally accepted a tenure track position last week. The offer letter should have arrived by now. I'm watching searches and new hiring get frozen/canceled across the country over the last 48 hours. So I'm pretty much living in abject terror that I may have actually gotten the brass ring only to possibly see it revoked a week later.

    I'm already pretty sick of 2020, haha.
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