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    Coupe de France 2004/05

    There are several levels of French football, here they are in order:

    L1 = Ligue 1
    L2 = Ligue 2
    N = National
    CFA = Championnat de France Amateur
    CFA2 = Championnat de France Amateur 2
    DH = Division d'Honneur
    DHR, DRH, DSR, DRS, PRH, PHR = Regionaux et districts
    PL = Promotion de Ligue
    I = Interregionale
    EXD = Excellence District

    DOM/TOM = Departments/Territoires d'outre mer *

    *DOM and TOM teams have their own qualification but their standings within the French football structure is independent to the rest of France. Their games are normally played in France.

    For the first number of rounds, it is competed between regional districts. Until the 7th round, All teams from Ligue 2 onwards compete. Ligue 1 clubs compete in Round 9 (early January.)

    If there is a match between teams that are two leagues apart, then the game is automatically played at the lower league ground. Only till the last the 16, most teams must regulate and conform their ground to French standard. You may remeber PSG's game at Bayonne being switched. This is to ensure safety in the more latter stages.


    Here is the Round 7 draw.......

    To be played 20 November

    Aubenas (DHR) v Nîmes (N)

    Toulon SP Var (CFA) v Sète (N)

    Grenoble Foot (L2) v Carcassonne (CFA2) ou Lunel (CFA2)

    La Voulte-sur-Rhône (DH) v Clermont l'Hérault (DH)

    Menton (DH) v Frontignan (CFA2)

    Bosquet Nereides Marseille (DHR) v Cassis Carnoux (CFA2)

    Grenoble Abbaye (DH) v Montpellier Hérault (L2)

    Manosque (CFA2) v Bastia CA (CFA2)

    Semnoz Vieugy (PHR) v Montelier (DHR)

    Seyssinet Pariset (DH) v Vaulx-en-Velin (DH)

    Cournon (DH) v Saint-Germain Laprade (DH)

    Andrézieux Bouthéon (CFA2) v Saint-Priest (CFA)

    Teisseire Grenoble (EXD) v Gueugnon (L2)

    Chabreloche (PH) v Clermont Foot (L2)

    Lyon-Duchère (CFA) v Bron (DHR)

    Ajaccio GFCO (N) v Bourg-Péronnas (CFA)

    Tarbes (DH) v Arcachon (DH)

    Niort (L2) v Libourne-Saint-Seurin (N)

    Bayonne (N) v Brive (CFA)

    Agen SU (DSR) v Rodez (CFA)

    Revel (DH) v Albi (CFA)

    Cognac (DH) v Limoges (CFA2)

    Mont-de-Marsan (CFA2) v Blagnac (CFA2)

    Mulhouse (CFA2) v Dijon FCO (L2)

    Dole Tavaux (CFA2) v Saint-Dizier (DH)

    Montceau (CFA2) v Lons-le-Saunier (DH)

    Louhans-Cuiseaux (CFA) v Paris FC (CFA)

    Biesheim (CFA2) v Imphy Decize (CFA2)

    Troyes (L2) v Croix-de-Savoie 74 (N)

    Nogent-sur-Seine (PL) v La Chapelle-Saint-Luc (CFA2)

    Vesoul (CFA) v Le Creusot (DH)

    Schiltigheim (CFA) v Jarville (CFA2)

    Neuves Maisons (DH) v Ay (DH)

    Saint-Marguerite (DHR) v Nilvange (DHR)

    Vauban Strasbourg (CFA2) v Racing CF 92 (N)

    Homecourt (DHR) v Haguenau (DH)

    Forbach (CFA) v Gambsheim (DH)

    Eloyes (DH) v Nancy (L2)

    Amnéville (CFA2) v Reims (L2)

    Lesquin (CFA) v Arras (CFA2)

    Evry Essonne (DH) v Noeux-les-Mines (PH)

    Les Lilas (CFA2) v Cambrai (CFA2)

    Saint-Omer (DH) v Abbeville (CFA2)

    Bois-Guillaume (CFA) v Champigny-sur-Marne (DHR)

    Dieppe (CFA) v Sedan (L2)

    Wasquehal (N) v Beauvais AS (CFA)

    Chantilly (DH) v Créteil (L2)

    Quevilly (CFA) v Compiègne (CFA2)

    Villemomble (CFA2) v Boulogne-sur-Mer (CFA)

    Amiens (L2) v Ivry US (CFA2)

    Jeanne d'Arc Drancy (DHR) v Marly (CFA2)

    Calais (CFA) v Senlis (DH)

    Morangis Chilly (DH) v Le Havre (L2)

    Feignies (CFA2) v Pacy-sur-Eure (CFA)

    Avion (CFA) v Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (I)

    Montagnarde (CFA2) v Mayenne (CFA2)

    Lamballe (CFA2) v Lannion (DH)

    Guichen (DSR) v Saint-Brieuc (CFA)

    Saint-Malo (CFA2) v Quimper (DH)

    Plabennec (CFA2) v Brest (L2)

    Langueux (DSR) v Flers (DH)

    Guingamp (L2) v Cherbourg (N)

    Avranches (CFA2) v Ouistreham (DSR)

    Changé (CFA2) v Lorient (L2)

    Rezé (DH) v La Rochelle (CFA2)

    Vertou (DH) v La Flèche (CFA2)

    Châteaubriant (CFA2) v Laval (L2)

    Keriolets Pluvigner (DRH) v Poiré-sur-Vie (DH)

    Vannes (CFA) v Moelan-sur-Mer (DRH)

    La Roche-sur-Yon (CFA2) v Alençon (DH)

    Vitré AS (CFA2) v Plobannalec Lesconil (PH)

    Saran (DH) v Domerat (DH)

    Moulins (CFA) v Saumur (DH)

    Choisy-le-Roi (CFA2) v La Ferté (DH)

    Le Mans (L2) v Châtellerault (CFA)

    Montluçon (CFA2) v Sainte-Geneviève (CFA2)

    Trélazé (DRS) v Angers (L2)

    Romorantin (N) v Thouars (CFA2)

    Blois (CFA2) v Bouffère (DRH)


    Teams Involving DOM/TOM teams:

    Aiglon Lamentin (DH Martinique) v Dunkerque (CFA)

    Mtsapere FC (DH Mayotte) v Epinal (CFA)

    Magenta AS (DH Nouvelle-Calédonie) or Mont Dore (DH Nouvelle Calédonie) v Pontivy GS (CFA)

    Macouria (DH Guyane) v Orléans (CFA)

    Besançon (N) v Saint-Denis FC (DH La Réunion)

    Pau FC (N) v Dragon AS (DH Polynésie)

    Viry-Châtillon (CFA) v Club from Guadeloupe to be determined.
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    Aug 1, 2004
    Just to clear this up.

    After National, there is CFA and then CFA2.

    After that, then we have regional leagues. There are 22 in total (9 of which are from DOM and TOM.

    In these Leagues their are sub leagues of 3 levels - they are usually called.

    DH - Division d'Honneur
    PH - Promotion d'Honneur or DHR - Division d'Honneur Regional
    PL - Promotion de Ligue, PH - Promotion d'Honneur or DR - Division Regional

    All the different names depend on the different department.

    The winner of each regional DH gets promoted to CFA2

    Below this, is the Excellence Divisions which are again even further regionalised. Such as my beloved CSMG who play in the Hautes-de-Seine Excellence Division. Many CFA teams have their second and third teams here.

    ANY Club in France can enter, so long as they are playing in a league which is recognized by the FFF. Today there is well over 6000 teams who enter.
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    Wow, Three Grenoble teams. I wonder how many more there are.

    Now wouldnt it be great if these 2 teams were in Ligue 2 so we could have 2 pro teams from Lyon and Strasbourg.

    Viry-Chatillon are a Paris team, right ?
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    Well, Ile-de-France.

    Its part of Essonne.
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    Toronto, Canada
    Wow thanks for the lesson on French football. Being in Canada we hardly get exposure to Ligue 1.
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    Matches are played over this weekend with St Omer (Ligue d'Honneur) v Abbeville (CFA2) and Lesquin (CFA) v Arras (CFA2) being played over the next weekend.
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    Round 7 results:

    [Novembre 19]

    Wasquehal (N) 1-2 Beauvais AS (CFA) [aet]

    Niort (L2) 0-1 Libourne-Saint-Seurin (N)

    Pau FC (N) 4-0 Dragon AS (DH Polynésie)


    [novembre 20]

    Bosquet Nereides Marseille (DHR) 0-1 Cassis Carnoux (CFA2)

    Aubenas (DHR) 1-3 Nîmes (N)

    Toulon SP Var (CFA) 1-0 Sète (N)

    Grenoble Abbaye (DH) 0-7 Montpellier Hérault (L2)

    Manosque (CFA2) 1-0 Bastia CA (CFA2)

    Seyssinet Pariset (DH) 4-2 Vaulx-en-Velin (DH)

    Cournon (DH) 0-1 Saint-Germain Laprade (DH)

    Andrézieux Bouthéon (CFA2) 2-1 Saint-Priest (CFA)

    Teisseire Grenoble (EXD) 0-1 Gueugnon (L2)

    Chabreloche (PH) 0-7 Clermont Foot (L2)

    Lyon-Duchère (CFA) 2-0 Bron (DHR)

    Tarbes (DH) 0-0 Arcachon (DH) [aet]

    * Tarbes win 5-3 on pens.

    Agen SU (DSR) 0-2 Rodez (CFA)

    Revel (DH) 0-1 Albi (CFA)

    Cognac (DH) 2-3 Limoges (CFA2)

    Mont-de-Marsan (CFA2) 2-1 Blagnac (CFA2)

    Mulhouse (CFA2) 0-0 Dijon FCO (L2) [aet]

    * Mulhouse win 5-4 on pens.

    Montceau (CFA2) 2-2 Lons-le-Saunier (DH) [aet]

    * Montceau win 5-4 on pens.

    Louhans-Cuiseaux (CFA) 1-1 Paris FC (CFA) [aet]

    * Paris FC win 4-2 on pens.

    Biesheim (CFA2) 0-4 Imphy Decize (CFA2)

    Troyes (L2) 0-0 Croix-de-Savoie 74 (N) [aet]

    * Troyes win 4-3 on pens.

    Nogent-sur-Seine (PL) 1-3 La Chapelle-Saint-Luc (CFA2)

    Vesoul (CFA) 2-0 Le Creusot (DH)

    Vauban Strasbourg (CFA2) 1-0 Racing CF 92 (N)

    Forbach (CFA) 0-0 Gambsheim (DH) [aet]

    * Gambsheim win 4-3 on pens.

    Amnéville (CFA2) 1-1 Reims (L2) [aet]

    * Reims win 4-3 on pens.

    Evry Essonne (DH) 1-2 Noeux-les-Mines (PH)

    Les Lilas (CFA2) 4-0 Cambrai (CFA2)

    Bois-Guillaume (CFA) 2-0 Champigny-sur-Marne (DHR)

    Dieppe (CFA) 3-3 Sedan (L2) [aet]

    * Sedan win 4-3 on pens.

    Quevilly (CFA) 4-1 Compiègne (CFA2)

    Villemomble (CFA2) 0-4 Boulogne-sur-Mer (CFA)

    Amiens (L2) 4-1 Ivry US (CFA2)

    Jeanne d'Arc Drancy (DHR) 3-1 Marly (CFA2)

    Calais (CFA) 3-0 Senlis (DH)

    Morangis Chilly (DH) 1-3 Le Havre (L2)

    Feignies (CFA2) 2-2 Pacy-sur-Eure (CFA)

    * Feignies win 3-1 on pens.

    Montagnarde (CFA2) 2-1 Mayenne (CFA2)

    Lamballe (CFA2) 0-1 Lannion (DH)

    Guichen (DSR) 0-1 Saint-Brieuc (CFA)

    Saint-Malo (CFA2) 1-1 Quimper (DH) [aet]

    * St-Malo win 4-2 on pens.

    Plabennec (CFA2) 0-3 Brest (L2)

    Guingamp (L2) 2-0 Cherbourg (N)

    Avranches (CFA2) 1-0 Ouistreham (DSR)

    Changé (CFA2) 1-0 Lorient (L2)

    Vertou (DH) 1-2 La Flèche (CFA2)

    Châteaubriant (CFA2) 1-1 Laval (L2) [aet]

    * Chateaubriant win 5-4 on pens.

    Vannes (CFA) 7-0 Moelan-sur-Mer (DRH)

    La Roche-sur-Yon (CFA2) 3-1 Alençon (DH)

    Vitré AS (CFA2) 2-0 Plobannalec Lesconil (PH)

    Moulins (CFA) 1-1 Saumur (DH) [aet]

    * Saumer win 5-4 on pens.

    Choisy-le-Roi (CFA2) 1-0 La Ferté (DH)

    Le Mans (L2) 2-1 Châtellerault (CFA)

    Montluçon (CFA2) 5-2 Sainte-Geneviève (CFA2)

    Angers (L2) 5-0 Trélazé (DRS) *

    * Switched to Angers due to ground not meeting safety standards.

    Romorantin (N) 2-0 Thouars (CFA2)

    Blois (CFA2) 2-1 Bouffère (DRH)

    Aiglon Lamentin (DH Martinique) 0-4 Dunkerque (CFA)

    Mtsapere FC (DH Mayotte) 1-2 Epinal (CFA)

    Magenta AS (DH Nouvelle-Calédonie) 3-4 Pontivy GS (CFA)

    Macouria (DH Guyane) 0-5 Orléans (CFA)

    Besançon (N) 6-2 Saint-Denis FC (DH La Réunion)


    [novembre 21]

    Grenoble Foot (L2) 1-0 Lunel (CFA2)

    Menton (DH) 3-0 Frontignan (CFA2)

    Semnoz Vieugy (PHR) 4-0 Montelier (DHR)

    Ajaccio GFCO (N) 1-0 Bourg-Péronnas (CFA)

    Dole Tavaux (CFA2) 2-2 Saint-Dizier (DH) [aet]

    * Saint-Dizier win 3-2 on pens

    Saint-Marguerite (DHR) 1-1 Nilvange (DHR)

    * St-Marguerite win 5-4 on pens.

    Homecourt (DHR) 1-3 Haguenau (DH)

    Eloyes (DH) 0-4 Nancy (L2)

    Viry-Châtillon (CFA) 3-2 Evolucas Lamé (DH Guadelope)

    Avion (CFA) 3-0 Saint-Amand-les-Eaux

    Schiltigheim (CFA) 3-1 Jarville (CFA2)

    Bayonne (N) 1-0 Brive (CFA)

    Saran (DH) 1-1 Domerat (DH) [aet]

    * Domerat win 4-3 on pens.

    Keriolets Pluvigner (DRH) 1-3 Poiré-sur-Vie (DH)

    Rezé (DH) 1-2 La Rochelle (CFA2)

    Langueux (DSR) 0-0 Flers (DH) [aet]

    * U.S Langueux win 6-5 on pens.

    Chantilly (DH) 0-0 Créteil (L2) [aet]

    * Creteil win 4-3 on pens.

    La Voulte-sur-Rhône (DH) 2-0 Clermont l'Hérault (DH)

    Neuves Maisons (DH) 2-1 Ay (DH)

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Round 7 results cont....

    [novembre 28]

    Lesquin (CFA) 0-2 Arras (CFA2)

    The match between St-Omer and Abbeville will be scheduled to play at a later date, not yet confirmed, because of callups for St-Omer players playing in the regional cup for Nord-pas de Calais.
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    Aug 1, 2004
    Round 8 draw

    Games to be played week starting 11th of December...

    Menton (DH) v Ajaccio GFCO (N)

    Nîmes (N) v Andrézieux-Bouthéon (CFA2)

    Grenoble Foot (L2) v Lyon Duchère (CFA)

    Seyssinet-Pariset (DH) v Manosque (CFA2)

    Toulon (CFA) v Cassis Carnoux (CFA2)

    Rhône Vallée (DH) v Montpellier (L2)

    Semnoz-Vieugy (PHR) v Montceau (CFA2)

    La Rochelle (CFA2) v Rodez (CFA)

    Montluçon (CFA2) v Tarbes (DH)

    Cournon (DH) v Pau (N)

    Domerat (DH) v Clermont (L2)

    Limoges (CFA2) v Angers (L2)

    Libourne Saint-Seurin (N) v Mont-de-Marsan (CFA2)

    Albi (CFA) v Bayonne (N)

    Créteil (L2) v Schiltigheim (CFA)

    La Chapelle Saint-Luc (CFA2) v Gambsheim (DH)

    Besançon (N) v Troyes (L2)

    Epinal (CFA) v Vauban Strasbourg (CFA2)

    Imphy-Decize (CFA2) v Mulhouse (CFA2)

    Haguenau (DH) v Gueugnon (L2)

    Saint-Marguerite (DHR) v Vesoul (CFA)

    Saint-Omer (DH) or Abbeville (CFA2) v Reims (L2)

    Saint-Dizier (DH) v Avion (CFA)

    Calais (CFA) v Noeux-les-Mines (PH)

    Arras (CFA2) v Nancy (L2)

    Neuves Maisons (DH) v Boulogne-sur-Mer (CFA)

    Sedan (L2) v Feignies (CFA2)

    Dunkerque (CFA) v Beauvais (CFA)

    Viry-Châtillon (CFA) v Les Lilas (CFA2)

    Paris FC (CFA) v Drancy (DHR)

    Le Havre (L2) v Quevilly (CFA)

    Le Mans (L2) v Bois-Guillaume (CFA)

    Changé (CFA2) v Blois (CFA2)

    Saumur (DH) v Amiens (L2)

    La Flèche (CFA2) v Choisy-le-Roi (CFA2)

    Saint-Malo (CFA2) v Montagnarde (CFA2)

    Guingamp (L2) v La Roche-sur-Yon (CFA2)

    Poiré-sur-Vie (DH) v Brest (L2)

    Vannes (CFA) v Saint-Brieuc (CFA)

    Avranches (CFA2) v Lannion (DH)

    Pontivy (CFA) v Vitré AS (CFA2)

    Châteaubriant (CFA2) v Romorantin (N)

    Langueux (DSR) v Orléans (CFA)
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    Aug 1, 2004
    Finally the match between Abbeville and St-Omer was played.

    Saint-Omer (DH) 3-1 Abbeville (CFA2) [aet]

    St-Omer will now play Ligue 2 side Reims in the next round.

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    MetroWest Boston
    This is getting good.

    I love la Coupe de France. If you like upsets, you ain't gonna be disappointed this week-end. We love Cinderella teams that beat L2 teams and then L1 teams (when they come in next round).

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Remember that games for round 8 are played this weekend. The 9th round draw (which will include Ligue 1 teams) will be drawn on the 13th in Dijon.

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    Feb 27, 2004
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    Jan 8, 2004
    MetroWest Boston
    There are already a few L2 teams that went down ... probably a few more to come.

    Le Havre (L2) 1-2 Quevilly (CFA)

    Haguenau (DH) 0-0 5 tab 3 Gueugnon (L2)

    Rhône-Vallée (DH) 1-0 Montpellier (L2)

    Saumur (DH) 2-0 Amiens (L2)

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    Aug 1, 2004
    Appreciate the updates guys. But let me bump all the results and round 9 draw together.....

    Just gimme me time to type it up.......:)
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    Aug 1, 2004
    Round 8 results...

    [decembre 10]

    Arras (CFA2) 0-1 Nancy (L2)

    Sedan (L2) 3-2 Feignies (CFA2)

    [decembre 11]

    Neuves Maisons (DH) 0-2 Boulogne-sur-Mer (CFA)

    Semnoz-Vieugy (PHR) 0-1 Montceau (CFA2)

    Cournon (DH) 1-0 Pau (N) [aet]

    Changé (CFA2) 0-0 Blois (CFA2) [aet] *

    * Blois win 5-4 on pens.

    Seyssinet-Pariset (DH) 2-1 Manosque (CFA2)

    Haguenau (DH) 0-0 Gueugnon (L2) [aet] *

    * Haguenau win 5-3 on pens.

    La Chapelle Saint-Luc (CFA2) 4-0 Gambsheim (DH)

    Grenoble Foot (L2) 1-0 Lyon Duchère (CFA)

    Toulon (CFA) 2-1 Cassis Carnoux (CFA2)

    Rhône Vallée (DH) 1-0 Montpellier (L2)

    Montluçon (CFA2) 0-0 Tarbes (DH) [aet] *

    * Tarbes win 4-2 on pens.

    Besançon (N) 0-1 Troyes (L2)

    Epinal (CFA) 3-0 Vauban Strasbourg (CFA2)

    Imphy-Decize (CFA2) 0-3 Mulhouse (CFA2)

    Calais (CFA) 3-0 Noeux-les-Mines (PH)

    Dunkerque (CFA) 0-0 Beauvais (CFA) [aet]

    * Beauvais win 14-13 :eek: on pens.

    Viry-Châtillon (CFA) 1-1 Les Lilas (CFA2) [aet] *

    * Viry-Châtillon win 5-4 on pens.

    Saint-Malo (CFA2) 1-2 Montagnarde (CFA2)

    Poiré-sur-Vie (DH) 1-2 Brest (L2)

    Avranches (CFA2) 0-0 Lannion (DH) [aet] *

    * Avranches win 5-4 on pens.

    Saint-Omer (DH) 0-1 Reims (L2)

    Saint-Dizier (DH) 1-0 Avion (CFA) [aet]

    Le Havre (L2) 1-2 Quevilly (CFA)

    Le Mans (L2) 1-0 Bois-Guillaume (CFA)

    La Flèche (CFA2) 2-0 Choisy-le-Roi (CFA2)

    Châteaubriant (CFA2) 1-1 Romorantin (N) [aet] *

    * Romorantin win 5-3 on pens.

    Vannes (CFA) 2-1 Saint-Brieuc (CFA) [aet]

    Pontivy (CFA) 1-0 Vitré AS (CFA2)

    Nîmes (N) 2-1 Andrézieux-Bouthéon (CFA2)

    La Rochelle (CFA2) 0-1 Rodez (CFA) [aet]

    Limoges (CFA2) 0-2 Angers (L2)

    Libourne Saint-Seurin (N) 2-0 Mont-de-Marsan (CFA2)

    Albi (CFA) 4-2 Bayonne (N)

    Paris FC (CFA) 0-0 Drancy (DHR) [aet] *

    * Paris FC win 6-5 on pens.

    Saumur (DH) 2-0 Amiens (L2)

    Guingamp (L2) 4-0 La Roche-sur-Yon (CFA2)

    Langueux (DSR) 1-1 Orléans (CFA) [aet] *

    * Langueux win 2-1 on pens.

    [decembre 12]

    Menton (DH) 2-0 Ajaccio GFCO (N)

    Domerat (DH) 0-2 Clermont (L2)

    Créteil (L2) 0-0 Schiltigheim (CFA) [aet] *

    * Schilitigheim win 4-3 on pens.

    Saint-Marguerite (DHR) 1-7 Vesoul (CFA)
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    Aug 1, 2004
    Round 9 draw.

    Games will be played over the weekend of 8/9 January 2005.

    Remember that if a team more than two divisions is drawn against a Ligue 1 team for example, the topflight team is automatically drawn away - as to give a slight advantage to the lower ranked opposition. The current holders (PSG) will play U.S Langueux of the regional district leagues of Brittany.

    Viry-Châtillon (CFA) v Lyon (L1)

    Vesoul (CFA) v Clermont (L2)

    Haguenau (DH) v Romorantin (N)

    Cournon (DH) v Nantes (L1)

    Nancy (L2) v Ajaccio (L1)

    Gambsheim (DH) v Toulouse (L1)

    Beauvais (CFA) v Nice (L1)

    Epinal (CFA) v Blois (CFA2)

    Rennes (L1) v Brest (L2)

    La Flèche (CFA2) v Libourne Saint-Seurin (N)

    Tarbes (DH) v Vannes (CFA)

    Montagnarde (CFA2) v Pontivy (CFA)

    Quevilly (CFA) v Guingamp (L2)

    Bordeaux (L1) v Istres (L1)

    Langueux (DSR) v Paris-SG (L1)

    Lille (L1) v Le Mans (L2)

    Seyssinet-Pariset (DH) v Monaco (L1)

    Nîmes (N) v Saint-Etienne (L1)

    Rodez (CFA) v Metz (L1)

    Troyes (L2) v Albi (CFA)

    Sochaux (L1) v Bastia (L1)

    Rhône-Vallée (DH) v Menton (DH)

    Châteauroux (L2) v Grenoble Foot (L2)

    Toulon (CFA) v Montceau (CFA2)

    Schiltigheim (CFA) v Reims (L2)

    Boulogne (CFA) v Avranches (CFA2)

    Mulhouse (CFA2) v Caen (L1)

    Saint-Dizier (DH) v Lens (L1)

    Saumur (DH) v Paris FC (CFA)

    Calais (CFA) v Auxerre (L1)

    Marseille (L1) v Angers (L2)

    Sedan (L2) v Strasbourg (L1)
  18. iougs

    iougs New Member

    Jan 8, 2004
    MetroWest Boston
    I dont know where you got those results but:

    Gueugnon lost against Haguenau

    Montpellier lost to Rhone-Vallee 1-0, not 2-1

  19. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004

    let me check....I'm copying them outta of the newspaper.
  20. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    spot on mate.

    Sorry everyone. As you spotted iougs, I highlighted Haguenau but put Gueugnon as winners. And I put the result as 2-1 beacuse the one above it was 2-1 and I simply copied it twice.....oups...... :rolleyes:

    But hey, everyone makes mistakes I guess.... :eek:

    The rest SHOULD be right..... :rolleyes:
  21. iougs

    iougs New Member

    Jan 8, 2004
    MetroWest Boston
    You did not expect somebody to actually go through the results and check them, right :D LOL

  22. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    to be honest.......YES!

  23. iougs

    iougs New Member

    Jan 8, 2004
    MetroWest Boston
    I don't trust (some of) your results:

    Should read ...

    You should have copied and pasted from

  24. Forgeron

    Forgeron New Member

    Jan 3, 2005
    UP! Toight the first matches will be played

    Lille (L1) v Le Mans (L2)

    Sedan (L2) v Strasbourg (L1)

    Châteauroux (L2) v Grenoble Foot (L2)

    Nancy (L2) v Ajaccio (L1)

    Rennes (L1) v Brest (L2)
  25. gaijin

    gaijin New Member

    Aug 1, 2004
    I think I'll get only 3 wrong this



    Round 9 results

    [January 7]

    Lille (L1) 2-1 Le Mans (L2)
    [Acimovic 19, Brunel 77; Bouttabout 56]

    Sedan (L2) 3-1 Strasbourg (L1)
    [Noro 24, Sabin 58, Gagnier 68; Johansen 67]

    Châteauroux (L2) 2-3 Grenoble Foot (L2) [aet]
    [Mulenga 33, Boukari 49; Rojas 65, Gimbert 71, Danic 110]

    Nancy (L2) 1-1 Ajaccio (L1) [aet] *
    [Biancalani 90; Seck 72]
    [Sent off = Demont (A) 55]

    * Ajaccio win 4-3 on pens.

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