Count Down to the Gold Cup

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    Just like I thought.....Metrochile complains to Garcia, Iasocfan, Morado and who ever else and my posts get deleted.

    Be a man and stop hiding behind the senior mods on BS.:eek: maybe I'd give you a little more respect if you'd stop sending those guys unnecessary pm!;)
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    Haiti To Play Friendly Against Panama
    - Guyto Rivière (Original version of article in Creole)

    The Haitian national team, newly crowned Caribbean Cup champions, will prepare to start their move on the international scene in order to prepare for the 2007 CONCACAF Gold Cup™ which will be held in the United States this June.

    The national team will meet the national team of Panama on March 24th in a friendly at the Orange Bowl in Miami. Panama, which also obtained a qualifying spot for the Gold Cup this summer, reached the final of this year's Central American Cup.

    Haitian national team coach, Luis Armelio García, will benefit from the match against Panama especially since he will have the services of Jean-Jacques Pierre from FC Nantes Atlantique, as March 24th will be a day devoted solely to international matches, by FIFA. The Léogane-native could not take part in the final round of the 2007 Digicel Caribbean Cup in Trinidad & Tobago because he was not released by the technical staff of the French Ligue 1 club in reason with serious difficulties as the Coupe de France Championships kicked off.

    Negotiations between the Federations of Haiti and Cuba are discussing a possible two match friendly series between the Haitian and Cuban national teams in March. This friendly series will make it possible for these two national teams to start their Gold Cup preparations.

    In addition, several training courses for preparation are being planned for the Haitian national team; some sites in particular would be in the United States and France, which most likely would be at Claire Fontaine bases, the usual training area for the French national team.
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