Could Chivas steal our #1 pick???

Discussion in 'FC Dallas' started by EMarcel, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. EMarcel

    EMarcel Member

    Oct 7, 1999
    When San Diego is given a franchise for next year,
    would they be given the #1 pick in the Superdraft?
    When Chicago & Miami were added, did they get
    the 1st & 2nd in the draft????
  2. Jambon

    Jambon Member

    Mar 3, 2000
    Austin, TX
    It's been that kind of year, hasn't it.
  3. Northside Rovers

    Jan 28, 2000
    Austin TX
    FC Dallas
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    United States
    Yes they could.
  4. terp fan

    terp fan New Member

    Nov 21, 2000
    does it matter

    I'm not sure it matters if you get the first pick since there isn't one hands down best player out there. If you were thinking of Adu he isn't likely to turn pro next year and it he went to MLS he would be assigned to DCU any way since he's a child. There are so many needs on the team that having 3 of the first 11 picks should be a good start regardless of the exact order. It looks like Dallas will have 2 of the first 5 picks in any case. Good luck I hope you draft some Terps.
  5. JoeW

    JoeW New Member

    Apr 19, 2001
    Northern Virginia, USA
    The First Pick in the Superdraft is over-rated. And I'm not just saying that b/c some of the players haven't worked out (Steve Shak, Jason Moore).

    The best player may choose to go to Europe and bypass MLS (as did Donovan when he originally turned pro). They might decide to turn pro AFTER the draft (in which case they'd go into the lottery).

    You guys have been drafting and drafting talent like crazy. Nothing against having a few more first round picks but I think the larger issue is acquiring one or two outstanding talents to build a team around. In otherwords, much like the role Spencer plays for Colorado or Ruiz for LA. Even Damani Ralplh and Ricardo Clark (maybe the two most productive rookies in this year's past draft) benefit from being able to be SUPPORTING players (next to veterans like Razov and Guevara/Lisi/Williams). In time they may be great but they don't turn around a team the first year.

    I think your allocations and discoveries and what you decide to do in terms of who you let go will have far more impact on your side than the draft. That is not a statement that youth means nothing or that draft picks don't contribute, only that your team doesn't need another Shavar Thomas (who's a fine rookie) or two if you're going to have a turnaround next season.
  6. Wolves_67

    Wolves_67 Member

    Oct 27, 2002
    Pasadena, CA
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    United States
    Maybe they'll get Freddy... :(

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