Costa Rican Forward to Colorado?

Discussion in 'Colorado Rapids' started by The Magpie, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Hadn't heard about this, but I'd believe it, seeing as how Yherland McDonald used to play in... (dun dun dun!!)

    Norway! :cool:
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    "The Costa Rican forward Gerland Mc Donald, I confirm that the next season in the Colorado Rapids of the MLS played. At the moment one trains with the Herediano, to the delay to face players of first level like Beckham and Davids. Perhaps by the distance with Norway it was known little of the performance of Mc Donald in the Freddy Stack, but the reports are good and for that reason it happened to play in the MLS, specifically to the equipment of the Colorado Rapids as of February. According to the change showed Mc Donald is good, mainly because it will play in a league that will be east extremely publicitada year with the presence of David Beckham in the Galaxy and the Dutch Edgar Davids with Dallas. Gerland will continue training with the Herediano and will leave to the February USA first"

    I know nothing about this guy, but the references to Beckham and Davids is interesting.
  5. Autogolazo

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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Says he'll join the Rapids starting in February.

    This, though, has me stumped: Quizás por la lejanía con Noruega se sabía poco del desempeño de Mc Donald en el Freddy Stack

    "Perhaps because of the distance from Norway little is known about the performance of McDonald in the Freddy Stack"

    You know what I bet they mean?

    FREDRIKSTAD, not "Freddy Stack".
  6. Malaga CF fan

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    Now that's just brilliant.:D
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    I'm just impressed that we might be getting someone that is so good that he wouldn't consider MLS until after Beckham and Davids were rumored to join the league. ;>) x2

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