Coping with a not so good tryout day

Discussion in 'Girls Youth Soccer' started by BigRedNole, May 13, 2014.

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    May 5, 2014
    All of the advice is good. I benefit from living next door to our local powerhouse of soccer (seriously, they are 100 feet from my house) . There are also other clubs with very good TOP teams. The other clubs get very weak after their top teams though and that is where this club excels. They have excellent coaches from the Top teams down to the lowest Classic teams. We are fortunate to have CASL and the Railhawks locally. The two drive the development of soccer for many kids in the area.

    My daughter is just beginning this journey and it may be a journey she chooses to end. However, in the here and now, she wants to be her best. She and others will go through the same issues. One day 100% focused, the next playing grabass on the field. The newly formed Development league last year had growing pains. Late in the second season they realized they have to play games (not soccer games, just games) to break up the monotiny.

    My daughter is at the right level of training per week: 2 practices with the team, 1 ball mastery through their supplement club, and games on Sunday. Through the Summer with her brief schedule it is mainly the two of us playing. She will go to private training once a week in July. Once August gets here, she will be on her team practices only. If she chooses to persue GK more seriously, that will be the only private training we will do.
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    Sounds good...

    I am forcing my u8 to take the summer off - we are going to learn how to play the guitar instead.

    Our last game was Sunday and she was crying on the way home - she did not want the season to end!
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    May 5, 2014
    We have partially done this for the month of June. Her indoor season starts in July. So far, we have done very little soccer this month. We are mostly watching it :) She has on her own gotten her juggle trainer out (ball on leash) and kicked it around a couple times. Other than that, we had 3 15-minute practices that I made her do. She has dragged me out to shoot at. She loves practicing striking and hitting me with the shots.

    The good thing the World Cup has shown her is that most goals are low shots and I have been emphasizing that after every goal. I record all games and fast forward showing good plays and goals. She gets to see these players use the same skills she is learning. She even noticed on her own that she can do some of it, but not as good or fast. It was encouraging that she recognized it herself.

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