Copa Libertadores 2014

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    it´s actually often a difference of 20ºC or more between Porto Alegre/Curitiba to cities in northeastern Brazil.

    and sometimes, an even larger difference

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    We will have to agree to disagree.
    And to say they would have at least tied is just monday morning quaterbacking.
    Nacional could have won by more goals if Berrio's decision making and shooting accuracy would have been better.
    Woulda coulda shoulda. It is what it is.
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    Damn flamengo got schooled by leon, good shi leon.
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    Although they could just as easily been eliminated, they ended up winning their group. My point was that they were being competitive in a tough group, and that alone was already more than was expected from them following their dreadful performance in the Apertura.
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    Yeah, la Viola surprised me. In the Apertura de la Copa Coca Cola they looked like unos muertos.

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