News: Copa America Realignment: Positive yearly impact for Soccer Tournaments (hope for Bolivia 2024?)

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    After reading various online legitimate newspapers on this matter (both in English and Spanish; from both South American and Europe), I'm 99% sure that this is how it's going to go down from now until the next 2 decades at least...

    Starting with this upcoming 2019 Copa America, which will be held in Brasil, all future tournaments will have 16 nations participating. The tournament in Brasil will be the last one that will be held in an odd year. In order to 'reset' the tournament right away and have it coincide with the Euro (apparently FIFA is in favor of this because European clubs will have to release their international players only one summer instead of two consecutive summers), they will have a Copa America in 2020 in the USA (because, among others things, of their financial success with the Copa America Centenario 2016). As for those who are questioning what kind of teams will the European nations bring for 2019, I think that being how this Copa America will probably be the only and last tournament (at least for while) that will have European nations, I'm thinking that these nations would love to 'steal' one from South America; wouldn't that be a punch in the face, especially in Brasil of all place. Anyway, going forward, Conmebol will introduce a new scheduling format as to who will host the subsequent Copa Americas, which on a personal level, gives me hope... IMHO, Bolivia's 'rotational' spot was taken away unfairly and so I hope this 'reset' will give Bolivia an opportunity to get it back and get it back soon... hopefully as soon as 2024!

    If this is accurate, then I don't think there will be another 'Copa America Centenario' for a while (at least by name, host, and if it would ever return) but I think the 2020 Copa America will mirror the Centenario from 2016 and it will be just a great, if not better, since it will once again not 'compete' with the Gold Cup so USA, Mexico, and other North and/or Central American nations could bring their 'A' team if they chose to do so. In fact, since the Copa America would now fall in an even year, USA, Mexico, and company could continue to bring their 'A' team (again, if they chose to do so).

    From a level of play standpoint, I think this a great move as every continental tournament will potentially have the 'A' team for every participant. What's more, starting in 2020, when we don't have the summer of the World Cup, we can enjoy two tournaments of nations every summer and it would most likely be more competitive than before.

    This 'guaranteed' 2 tourneys every summer (with the highest level of play) would include the League of Nations that Europe will be introducing in 2018. It will be a promotion/relegation type of tournament that will have it's 'pool stage' from September to November and it's 'Final Four' competition in June. There are talks of Concacaf (and I'm sure Conmebol would soon follow afterwards) in creating their own League of Nations. If this happens (I'm sure it will), this will be eliminate 'friendlies' and their 'lack of importance. All those events plus the World Cup qualifying matches, it pretty much guarantees a higher level of competition/tournaments for us to enjoy every year.

    To get a visual idea of what I'm talking about, this is what it would look like...

    2017 Gold Cup / Confederations Cup
    2018 World Cup / League of Nations (UEFA Pool Stage)
    2019 Copa America Brasil / Gold Cup / League of Nations (UEFA Final Four)
    2020 Copa America USA / Euro
    2021 Gold Cup / Confederations Cup
    2022 World Cup / League of Nations (UEFA Pool Stage)
    2023 Gold Cup / League of Nations (UEFA Final Four)
    2024 Copa America / Euro
    2025 Gold Cup / Confederations Cup
    2026 World Cup / League of Nations (UEFA Pool Stage)
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