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Discussion in 'Copa America 2019' started by Danko, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Right, because having 1 loss in its 2018 qualifiers run should be called "gone backwards".

    Australia benefits from playing 10(12) games per qualifier cycle within AFC. Do you want to return to Oceania instead?

    If its federation chooses to fire its coach a few months before a World Cup, then that's a good symptom of why Australian football would not improve.
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    Sep 22, 2017
    You need to read more carefully.

    My initial argument was that *top reps* in Conmebol would benefit from stronger opposition in its region. I never mentioned benefits for the bottom feeders at Conmebol.

    Still, the question is fair: why Bolivia has not improved despite increased exposure to better rivals in the region? Primarily after 1995, with round-robin qualifiers in place?

    One word: corruption.
    When you have a federation which forfeits its TV rights to a match-broker, forcing it to play weird friendlies, then you have a good indicator of why Bolivian NT football is not doing well.

    Also, Marcelo Moreno is now on his second season in Chinese 2nd tier, after 2 years in Chinese top tier. That might explain his dismal work rate at 2018 WC qualifiers.
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    You need to let it go and accept the fact that the current champions of the Americas relies on its players' talent and experience and on the managerial staff to be a competitive team and that's why it won 5 of the last 9 editions of the Copa América, and why it's been the best CONMEBOL NT in quite a while.

    Brazil has 5 World Cups and was the top finisher in CONMEBOL WCQ for 2006, 2010, and 2018.

    The other teams must and will deal with their own problems. Brazil does its part.
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    Brazil has sold rights to its friendly games since the mid 90s at least. And every federation in SA is corrupt. You can’t always blame talent stagnation on one reason . Bolivia AFAIK o lay had one decent generation which is Etchevery’s.
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    Sep 22, 2017
    @celito , that's one big difference: selling TV rights and giving them away.

    How the Bolivian FA did it: signed for a Nigerian friendly which Bolivian fed officials knew could not take place.
    The friendly was canceled, and the contract penalty was: a) hand over TV rights to the match promoter, or b) pay a cash penalty.
    Guess which one the Bolivian FA chose.
    Fast-forward a few years, the Bolivian NT kept playing very strange friendlies, without collecting TV rights revenue.

    Then, you get players demanding payments for official matches, but there ain't no money. As result, players let themselves get steam-rolled 5-0 7-0 as protest against their FA. The rest of Conmebol thinks that Bolivia is just being a minnow again, but the reality is a bit different.

    Thank goodness several Conmebol execs were taken into custody by US authorities.
    No financial reviews would have occurred otherwise, and Bolivia would still be wasting FIFA dates on hokey matches... no prep and no money.
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    Sep 22, 2017
    It's all good baby! We can agree to disagree too.

    Some ppl say that you are as good as the company you keep around.
    I say that hard-fought qualifiers can prep teams for more demanding challenges at the world tournament.
    That does not dismiss the fact that each NT squad must work hard for every match. Even work harder when fellow confederation members are doing so too.

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