1. zaku_II

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    Jan 29, 2012
    CD Colo Colo
    The Copa América Femenina 2018 will be played in Chile this april 4 to 22.

    It will give:
    2 places a play-off place to the WWC 2019.
    1 plce and a play-off place to 2020 Olympics.
    4 places to 2019 Panamerican Games.

    Some matches will be broadcasted in TV by Chilevision but is posible they will not be available in the international streaming.

    Group A: Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay.
    Group B: Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia.

    Two best teams of each group (4 teams) play a round robin to define the qualyfing teams to WWC, Olympics and Pan American Games.
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    Aug 20, 2011
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    Since it's also qualifier for WWC, it had already be posted in Women's World Cup subforum. I admit it can be quite confusing: maybe the WWC subforum should be used for WWC itself only and other related news, but not for qualifiers who also happen to be continental Championships? :cautious: not sure.

    Anyway, thanks for the complete info, @zaku_II! :thumbsup:

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