Convey still a possibility - DC United v. Metros [R]

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by DigitalTron, Sep 26, 2003.

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    Tonight in the DC United victory over the Metros that was a delayed broadcast on ESPN2 (1 am Friday morning), Eric Wynalda mentioned that he had spoken with Convey about the failed Spurs transfer and asked if Hoddle's sacking would effect Spurs interest in him. Convey said that it would not change Spurs interest because the primary interest was from a Director (I think they said Director), and while Hoddle did want him, the primary interest is still there.

    So, reading between the lines, it seems that Levy and/or Pleat are still interested in Convey.

    BTW, Convey was good with probably a dozen excellent crosses and something like a 90% passing efficiency in addition to very solid defending in DC United's domination of their fierce rivals the New York/New Jersey Metros ... at the Metros. The return leg in DC is this Sunday. Then the teams play a US Open Cup (similar to the FA Cup) semi-final back in New Jersey on Wednesday ... very interesting week.

    For those who are less familiar with Convey, I think that he would be a good fit as a wing midfielder in a 442, because it allows him to have the option of playing along the sideline or moving centrally. His pace is quite good, and his defending along the sideline is decent (centrally/in-space it needs improvement). I think Convey would probably combine very well with Ziege and/or Konchesky on the left, because his edge defending, speed, stamina and work-rate would allow them to get forward a good amount. I'd imagine that his acquisition would be totally dependent upon who is the manager next summer.

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    The director sounds like none other than Director of Football David Pleat. He's had Spurs hoovering up fantastic young talent since he came to Spurs. The man is a genius. I sincerely hope Convoy comes to us. He's obviously a cut above the rest in the MLS.

    Fingers crossed, eh?

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