Conrad's Corner: Roundtable 9/17/03

Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by Beech, Sep 18, 2003.

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    There are so many funny, yet true lines in this piece....

    -Chris Brown: No, the league has already decided that L.A. and New York will be in the final this year.

    -Joe Cannon on San Jose attendance: Jimmy, the answer is long and complicated, but I will leave you with these things: First, there has never been a sound financial commitment from the league. Second, the turnover rate in the front office is what hurts mostly and is caused by the price of living in San Jose and the low salaries the front office provides.

    -Klein: It's no big deal. The more teams the better. And with so few teams we don't need a conference schedule -- just have one table.
    JCannon: Stay East and West but turn the playoffs into the best eight or best four format.
    CK: The more owners that can join that are excited for the sport, the better it will be for the fans and the players.
    JC: One [standings] table is too idealistic for this country.

    Pretty good article.
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    Good stuff

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