Conquest: The Saga (2003)

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    Here's where it stands United fans,

    After two heartbreaking 1 goal losses earlier in the season to reinvigorate the rivalry, we have won a key battle in our quest to dominate Metroscum in their prematurely proclaimed renaissance year.

    The way I see it - to win the war (in 2003 that is) we need to win four more matches.

    Playoff 1
    Playoff 2

    The only danger I see is if we beat the Metrostars so badly on Sunday that they slide all the way into 4th (or even worse) 5th position in the East, due to a simultaneous tightening of their nerves and loosening of their sphincters. That way they would either be out of the playoffs (whereby we would lose a fabulous opportunity to humiliate them even more), they might lose to the Fire in the first round and avoid us (whereby we would lose a fabulous opportunity to humiliate them even more) or they would actually win a playoff series against the Fire (whereby they would have something to stoke their silly little egos with before we humiliate them in the conference finals). The other options, of course, are not even worth mentioning.

    So I am hoping for a complete domination of Metrostars on Sunday and Thursday (putting us two points above them in the conference) followed by both teams winning out in the rest of their MLS games. That way we can personally guarantee the Metrostars lack even a single playoff win this season. Plus, all Winter long they will have a buzzing in their ears due to ASLNBBSEHS (Acute Screaming La Norte Barra Brava Screaming Eagle Hearing Syndrome).

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