Condolences to the Fitzgeralds and those close to

Discussion in 'FC Dallas' started by 3rd Degree, Dec 5, 2004.

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    Courtesy of the Crew:


    COLUMBUS, Ohio (Sunday, Dec. 5)  The Columbus Crew
    has issued the following statement in regards to
    former Crew Head Coach Tom Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was
    killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday, Dec. 4,
    in Tampa, Fla.

    The Columbus Crew is deeply saddened by the
    loss of former Crew Head Coach Tom Fitzgerald, said
    Crew Interim General Manager Mark McCullers. Our
    thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Tom was an
    integral component in the organizations early
    development and left a lasting impression. He was an
    active member of the Columbus community and will
    always be a part of the Crew Family.

    Lamar Hunt and Family and the Hunt Sports Group
    are mourning the loss of Tom Fitzgerald, said Hunt
    Sports President John Wagner. Tom was an exceptional
    coach but an even better person. He was a great
    ambassador for The Crew organization. Our condolences
    go out to Debi and his family. He will be greatly

    Fitzgerald joined The Crew as an assistant coach
    in the inaugural MLS season in 1996 and was named
    Interim Head Coach with 10 games remaining in the
    season. He was elevated to Head Coach at the end of
    the 1996 season after leading the Black & Gold to a
    9-1 record and a spot in the playoffs. Fitzgerald
    guided Columbus for the next four-plus seasons
    (1997-2001), before being replaced after six games
    into the 2001 season. Fitzgerald helped build some of
    the best teams in Crew history, taking Columbus to
    three straight Eastern Conference Finals (1997-1999),
    and within one game of MLS Cup in 1998 and 1999. He
    also led Columbus to the 1998 U.S. Open Cup Finals.
    After leaving The Crew, Fitzgerald was named Head
    Coach at UCLA where he led the Bruins to the 2002 NCAA
    Division I National Championship. Fitzgerald left
    UCLA after the 2003 season to move home to Tampa to be
    closer to his family and return to the University of
    Tampa as Head Coach. He coached at Tampa from
    1987-1995, leading Tampa to a NCAA Division II
    National Championship in 1994, prior to taking the
    assistant coaching position with The Crew.

    Fitzgerald is survived by his wife Debi and his
    two sons, Shane and Jesse.
  2. Argentine Gaucho 25

    Nov 15, 2004
    It's sad to see a heck of a Coach like Fitz depart this soon. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
    Peace out Fitz! We'll miss ya!
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    Heartfelt sympathies go out to family and friends as they mourn this unexpected loss. May God bless your family with the healing hands of comfort and support in your grief.
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    Feb 6, 2000
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    The Fitzgerald family, in conjunction with the University of Tampa, has created the Thomas Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund. The donations will go to the Men's Soccer program in honor of their late head coach. Donations can be made to:

    Thomas Fitzgerald Scholarship Fund
    University of Tampa
    401 W. Kennedy Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33606
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    Just goes to show you how nothing in life is certain and it can all change in the blink of an eye. Condolences to the Fitzgerald family and all who were close.
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    Tough loss for the relatively small (in pro sports terms) MLS & US Soccer family.

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