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    Dec 14, 1998
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    Why is Jack Warner still running CONCACAF?

    Who is Chuck Blazer and why in blue blazes is this American not doing more to professionalize our regional authority?

    Some of the more recent flops:
    1. Hosting a CONCACAF tournament in Las Vegas
    2. Changing the name to The Football Confederation.
    3. Changing it back to CONCACAF
    4. Changing the qualifying scheme.
    5. Changing it again - 2 months before the old schedule was set to kick in.

    I'm sure we could think of other flops - but why must we tolerate another x number of years of this buffoonery?

    Why can't a guy like Alan Rothenberg or a high ranking member of the Mexican Football League take charge?

    We need a strong club tournament, a strong national tournament and a sensible World Cup qualifying tournament. We need good soccer facilities - with smooth, level playing fields. We need good media access to these facilities so reporters can share stories quickly. We need strong representation at the FIFA level - so we can get another WC soon.

    Why do these two jokers have such a stranglehold on the power - that nobody has been able to replace them?
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    Aug 13, 2000
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    Mexico has one vote.
    USA has one vote.
    Central America has 7 votes.
    The Caribbean has 24 votes.
  3. Bora Fan

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    Dec 14, 1998
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    Ok - so why hasn't an American been able to craft some deals to get the votes?

    What has Warner delivered to the 24 carribean voters?

    Do they get jobs in CONCACAF? Certainly the state of football in the carribean has not improved - otherwise Jamaica would not be the only team to contend year after year.

    How hard would it be to swing votes?

    A more professional CONCACAF will benefit everyone not just MLS/MFL.
  4. Nutmeg

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    Aug 24, 1999
    If these were even close to the worst 5 decisions of the CONCACAF administration, I might not even pay attention. They are not. Warner openly and shamelessly abuses his position at CONCACAF for personal gain through a non-stop series of conflicts of interest involving his media company and licensing fees for CONCACAF competitions. Don't get me started.
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    Feb 20, 2002
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    Sad thing is the US used their vote in the last election for Warner. Only Mexico and El Salvador voted against him.
  6. jamison

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    Sep 25, 2000
    moved to Concacaf.
  7. Manuel_Medina

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    Oct 14, 2003
    This is so true...

    I got a website: (free commercial :D), we started as a FIFA editing page (for EA Sport's FIFA game) and then we just developed into a soccer news site too...

    And I can tell you CONCACAF threats their media like ****, the only time we get good threatment is during the Gold Cup, and that's about it.

    We need MORE coverage about what's happening on the Carribean, or is it that Warner does NOT want us to see what's happening there?
  8. futbol571

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    Apr 22, 2002
    Houston, TX
    Lets not mention the ZILLION things Warner has done to cheat FIFA, CONCACAF & everyone.

    He gloats about being poor when he and Blazer started at CONCACAF. Now he has a warehouse in Trinidad that stores his "gifts" from national federations the world over. He is the FIFA Vice President!!!

    Why is the American Chuck Blazer no help??? Why is Alan Rothenberg no help???


    Blatter (FIFA)
    Warner (CONCACAF/FIFA)
    Blazer (CONCACAF/Warner's henchman)
    Rothenberg (fUS Soccer/CONCACAF/FIFA, still runs US Soccer thru Flynn & Contiguglia as figurehead)
    Dan Flynn (US Soccer)
    Gulati (US Soccer/CONCACAF/MLS)
    Texeira (Brazil, Haovolenge's son-in-law)
    Leoz (CONMEBOL)
    Velappen (AFC)
    Bin Hammam (AFC, future FIFA President)

    It's VERY simple. Almost all of the above mentioned "administrators" of the game own companies that benefit from the legislation they pass. Since there are NO ONE above FIFA to check them or control them ... they do not get penalized and the game continues to get robbed.

    Notice all the empty seats at the World Cup 2002. LOL. What a calamity.

    Anyways all of those rascals own "marketing companies", promotion companies, travel/hospitality/ticketing companies, are in bed with sporting good companies, etc, etc, etc.

    The ONLY reason they care to even be in those positions is to make money for themselves. DO NOT kid yourself thinking they care at all for the game.

    Ummmmm, Blatter won't even publicly admit what his salary is. That is ludicrous!!!
  9. Mel Brennan


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    Apr 8, 2002
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    You want answers?

    You want the truth?



    The truth, in the final analysis, is this:

    World sport is run the way it is because the only possible countervailing force, i.e. "the world," or the people of the Earth, who manifest support for sport all over the world, are simply not organized.

    Until some level of grass-roots organization of the fans and recreational participants happens, to provide an alternate vision to the entire world sport system, look forward to more of the same.

    Trust me, I know; there's nothing unique about your perceived notions of CONCACAF's alleged malfeasance as articulated on these boards, and in this thread. No apologist argument here; far from it. Rather, the typicality of the behavior of these guys is reflected in your local, state, and federal your local, state, national, and multi-national corporate your local, regional, national and international religious leadership...

    Service-based leadership died an unnatural death long ago...we ceded power, infulence and responsibility, in all our public spheres - not just sport - to men and women with FAR different agendas, well before you and I were born. These current iterations are not unique, but rather carry the torch of this vision of the USE of _______ (fill in the blank with what you like; revenue from sport, from taxes, from the Sunday offering) for their generation, that is all.

    The questions are...what are the people - what are YOU - willing to do about it? What are you willing to sacrifice to make it right? Because DOING and SACRIFICING is the beginning of what it will take to make it right (notice : not, "make it right AGAIN." Its never been right. I'm talking about getting it right for the first time, EVER).

    As of this writing, the answer, for the vast majority, has been "very little," for every spehre, including sport.

    My disappointment is not with CONCACAF's leadership. I should expect that, answering the charges offered in this thread, the CONCACAF leadership might (like the scorpion who, while traversing the river on the back of the frog, fatally stings it, causing them both to drown) submit " Its our nature." One cannot be disappointed at those who are, at heart, manifesting behavior indicative of their nature as human beings. That would be as productive as getting angry at a tree because it has branches.

    The disappointment MUST be leveled at those of us who, in our frustration or overall lack of effort, have failed to articulate an alternative vision to the current system(s). It is there that we will find the only hope for change, if there is to be any hoping at all.
  10. Levante

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    Jul 28, 2001
    Re: Re: CONCACAF Politics

    I can't listen to rambling garbage when you called it "The Caribbean Power" on another thread.
  11. Mel Brennan


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    Apr 8, 2002
    Paris Saint Germain FC
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    Re: Re: Re: CONCACAF Politics

    See that thread for the clarification you apparently desparately need.

    In addition, there is nothing rambling about what I've said; it just emcompasses a variety of head-pounding ideas, and if you can't manage to address them all, then try to address at least one, insted of this "Attack the messenger" approach so often employed on boards...

    Address the concepts and ideas; don't hide behind notions of "rambling garbage" to cover up you inabilty or unwillingness to tackle these fundamental questions.
  12. Go2NY

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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Mel Brennan - VERY GOOD - no - EXCELLENT

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