CONCACAF Hex for Germany 2006

Discussion in 'CONCACAF' started by Soccerfever, Oct 25, 2003.

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    Aug 30, 2001
    Ok!I have noticed that a lot of people think(or take for granted!) that the United States,Mexico,Costa Rica and Honduras will be the teams to qualify out of the region.Well let's talk about it a little....

    United States:If they qualify(they probably will),it will be their fifth appearance in a row at the World Cup finals.Great players such as Donovan,Beasley and Convey....qualification looks certain!

    Mexico:This one here is untouchable(the US is aswell).It's never for them a problem to qualify and always produced some exciting players.....anyway

    Costa Rica:Was the dominant team in CONCACAF qualifying for 2002,defeating Mexico at the famous Azteca stadium in Mexico City.I know a few players on their team such as Parks and Wanchope.Almost defeated Turkey(the team who finished with the bronze medal) under former coach Alexander Guimares.I know that the current Costa Rica coach is the former US coach who took them successfully to France'98 but we all know what happened in France....So I really cannot tell if they can make it or not!You help me out!:)

    Honduras:Came so close to qualify for last year's finals.Have very good players such as Tyson Nunez and also have the man known as the magician in Bora Milutinovic....This might be their time.

    But my point is that CONCACAF is not a 4 country confederation.The region seems to be stronger than it was 2 years ago so keeo an eye on the teams listed below:

    Jamaica:played a friendly against the World Champions Brazil in England.Lost 1-0(yeah only 1-0)to a Roberto Carlos freekick(they lost to Brazil's first team whichmeans to big guns like Ronaldo,Rivaldo,Ronaldhino,Dida etc.).They have a very good young striker in Kevin Lisbie who plays for Charlton Athletic in the EPL and they also have the star striker of the Chicago Fire named Damani Ralph......can be dangerous this time around!

    Canada:What can I say here,were awful in the 2003 Gold Cup....but can be impressive on a good day with Radzinski and Di Rosario upfront also with De Guzman,De Vos,Pozniac and Hirschfeld....difficult to tell here.....

    Trinidad & Tobago:Haha....This is where it gets interesting....They haven't been impressive recently BUT they were the ones who upseted and ended Honduras's World Cup dream by defeating them 1-0 away when this victory was crucial for Honduras who were totally humiliated on that day.I red that they have some fine yougsters at the U-21(or somethig like that!) level.Let's just hope that they can get their act together in time.

    It also seems that El Salvador and Guatemala aren't bad either....

    So what do you guys think?
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    Sep 3, 2001
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    PAOK Saloniki
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Don't forget Haiti, now under the charge of former US International Fernando Clavijo ;)
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    nicodemus- you bad bad boy! ;)

    I'm gonna move this over to the CONCACAF board where we'll get some more informed choices.

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