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Discussion in 'West Ham United' started by Jessica_Alba.pirate, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Jessica_Alba.pirate

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    Dec 16, 2005
    Hi, first post, so um...

    I've been following west ham since last campaign in the coca cola championship, always rooting for them every match I could see on TV here, infact i got so into west ham i stopped doing my homework just to watch them or read about the club online. But i didn't care because in my eyes I was learning about the greatest thing in the world, West Ham United, this club produced amazing players like Joe Cole, Jermaine Defoe, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard and I felt bad for you guys that you didn't manage to keep even one of them. Anyways the campaign ended and West Ham won promotion to the premier league, i actually remember a wave of euphoria washing over me when I saw this on Eurosport News. I've been watching football my whole life, never a particular team or anything, but then when the team I fell in love with won promotion to the next division--it's like i never experienced a feeling like that in my life. A lone tear of happiness actually dripped down my face. Now imagine how it felt to hear in the summer that West Ham, my beloved West Ham, signs Yossi Benayoun, my favorite player and my countries greatest player!!! They actually signed an israeli!!! That cemented my love for the club and now it's west ham for life even though I'm still only in american highschool

    Well anyways I'm visiting my friend in London and wanted to know where I can get match tickets for a west ham match, my mate supports charlton (bah!!!) so I'm not sure if he'll know where to go to get west ham tickets. Thanks
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    Shalom! Try getting them from the club online you can never get onto the official site these days without them trying to sell you cheap tickets. Welcome to the hell that is being a West Ham supporter. No good will come of it.
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    Oct 12, 2004
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    I gotta give it to you man, you have good taste. First West Ham then Jessica Alba. Wow.

    ps. How come your location is Cairo? You yokki matzos you!!

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