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    Sep 19, 2009
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    Are we not talking about individual games on here anymore?
    Both the Blast and the Fury had awesome comebacks last weekend...and not a peep on here.

    I know he's an MVP, but I was never a big Franck Tayou guy. I am now.
    The way he was able to post up deep against SD and find the runners was fantastic.
    Melo and Roque have been great for the Blast, and I liked the confidence of Francis for the Heat.
    Great win for the Sidekicks at the Wave. The Wave need more Bennett and Leite. They dont seem to be touching the ball as much as they used to, at least not in the same dangerous positions they have in the past.
    I'm gonna watch this Stars game now where they put up 15 goals...gotta be some good ones in there.
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    Sure, I'm game. Here's my comments on the matches that I watched last weekend (1/7 - 1/9).

    Heat/Blast - Harrisburg looked like world beaters in the first half and, just like they did in their season opener in Utica, became super conservative/defensive in the second half and gave the Blast all the opportunities to easily take this match in the end.

    Fury/Sockers - Outstanding team effort by the Fury to force OT in San Diego and take the win in the first minute OT by a player who initially fell on his backside and then delivered a strike to the upper left hand corner of the goal.

    - After getting embarrassed at home last Friday by St. Louis and then having to call up 8 players from their reserve team due to Covid issues on Sunday, the Stars put on a scoring clinic in a absolute blowout. A few of those Stars reserve players should be signed to a longer contract with the top team.
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    Sep 19, 2009
    Arsenal FC
    And Perera was a man amongst boys.
    Did whatever he wanted.

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