Collinsville (yes, Collinsvile) goes big league

Discussion in 'St. Louis City SC' started by Angus Podgorney, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Angus Podgorney

    Feb 25, 2006
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    Article from the Post-Dispatch in the News/Editorial section Sunday morning. The sub-headline is "The House that Asbestos Built", referring to the lawsuits that Jeff Cooper's law firm handles. The author, Kevin Horrigan, used to be the editor of the P-D sports section in the 80's. He used to refer to himself, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, as "The Old Sport." He left to become an on-air radio personality, and after trying that for a while he came back as an editorial writer.

    Overall the article is pretty good, if nothing else for keeping the project in the public attention. One minor nit, he refers to MLS as "the Major Soccer League," although he is correct when he discusses how confusing all of the various indoor and outdoor league names are to the casual fan. And it's amusing at the end when he contemplates the thought of Posh and Becks at the world's largest ketchup bottle.
  2. Papaya King

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    Aug 15, 2007
    A brilliant piece of writing and describes everything nicely. To have the Post editorial page in your corner is a great development.
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    I'm glad the article was mostly positive, but it really hurts to read something like that from someone who is so grossly ignorant of the game. I'd actually go so far as to label it somewhat unprofessional, as it wouldn't take long for a journalist to gather background information in order to sound at least somewhat knowledgeable instead of somebody's grandad next door trying to tell a story about Jeff Cooper and his soccer stadium in Collinsville.

    That said, at least the article isn't negative about the project, and Cooper (primarily because he is a genuine guy) comes off sounding very genuine and approachable.
  4. sirfallsalot_2000

    Apr 18, 2006
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    I watched that Arsenal/Blackburn game. Only two goals....but like 8 yellow cards and I think a red. Not a boring game to say the least, Blackburn was out for blood.

    Overall, I think this (and the other editorial) are good signs. It sounds like many "casual" fans of soccer. They complain about the scoreline or the diving, and then say they would welcome a team. Not a bad thing.

    Also....I bet many MLS markets would love to have this kind of coverage. We haven't had a "soccer is only for 12-year-old" articles. Nobody crying foul about the public money. Nobody over-exagerating the negatives. Salt Lake would pay for any of these!

    Oh, my favorite line of the piece. When Cooper was asked what would happen if the project was voted no: (paraphrase) "I would lose a lot of money, and I would look like a total dumb-ass." Yep, that's the owner I want. There's only one Jeff Cooper.
  5. P@rick_STL

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    Aug 21, 2007
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    The P-D has had decent soccer coverage. If memory serves, they sent a reporter to cover the World Cup last time, and they were certainly one of only six or so major U.S. dailies to devote a blog to the tournament.

    If MLS comes to STL, I would expect the coverage to be solid.
  6. Marchetti

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    I thought his remark about the Fly Emirates v. the Bet-24's was actually kinda funny.

    Major League Soccer has really taken a HUGE step forward by allowing sponsors on the front of their jerseys. In the world of soccer, it's nothing new... but for other team sports in America, it is truly unprecedented.

    Obviously NASCAR is not even a sport, so it doesn't count ;)

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