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    As a long time skier and winter cyclist, I don't find a lot of good in these. Footwear is usually too tight to work well with a couple pair of socks.

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    I'm assuming any enforcement of a pants prohibition (referenced above) only happens at levels well above what i do, or when on TV?

    Worked a darn cold state-level tourney back in November with several USSF National referee coaches there.

    During their debrief after I AR'd and still in my all-black pants, gloves, and hat they didn't say a word about what any of us wore to stay warm. Our SRA did ask a few others to wear their uniform shirt on top of their jacket, but as long as we still looked fairly professional, there were no issues. YMMV.
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    I swear by them on sub freezing games.
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    I wear thick wool (blend) hiking socks 12 months a year. 106 degrees on down. Even in the cold rain, my feet are warm.

    Neoprene knee supports are remarkably warm, I have accidentally learned.

    Everyone who refs in colder climates has a war story about freezing their ass off. Mine was 33 degrees and wet sleet, driven by a 20 mph wind from the North. The poor teenage CR had all 3 of his ref shirts on but it didn't help. They had to keep him in the ref hut next to the heater for the rest of the afternnon.

    Ever since then, I put enough extra layers in my trunk to outfit half of Napoleon's army on their way to Moscow.
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    Back in October when CA had that week of the bomb cyclone (40-something degrees, pouring rain, 20 mph wind) we still had to do games on turf.

    My game was a girls ECNL/GA match with me in the center, older guy on AR, teenage girl AR. We had our ref jerseys on top to look official as well as wearing shorts. Even the girl.

    Game right next to us was a U19 boys NPL match with a "takes refereeing very seriously" 17 year old guy and two very experienced older men ARs. They all had big black OSI rain jackets with the hoods up and long pants on the entire game as their outer layers. So you just see three large black hooded figures running around.
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    $42.95 for a pair of pants, and a pair that you wouldn't even be "allowed" to wear during a game. You cannot be serious.
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    No one cares if you wear them during cold weather.
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    I buy them on sale and wear them in cold weather. So yes, I’m very serious.
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    His post was very helpful to me. It will look better and way more professional than the training pant I have now even though I only use them once or twice a year. The only thing I can't tell is if they're as thick as the ones I have now (I can always return it after purchase).

    Aren't we told not to wear caps with no logo on it? Most circumvent it by wearing the OSI USSF ones (I continue to wear my UnderArmour one which keeps the heat and has kept my head dry even in downpours...yes, it has the logo on it).

    When you're freezing and looking at your watch every 2 minutes, $42.95 is a bargain and you have them forever as they're paid for after just one AR match fee.

    PS- I hope RefIADad knew I was being sarcastic in my response yesterday where I said they weren't "allowed" (I'm sure you were also). At the end of the day, we're responsible to protect ourselves (as others have already stated). If you're sick after a game, no one will even care to check up on you.

    Most of you don't live in the Northeast and live in the rest of the country where folks are much more down to earth than they are here. ;)
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