Clint's Future (aka "how the mighty have fallen")

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    From Ives:

    The end for Mathis

    Mathis exchanged words with fans before being pulled away by teammate Mark Lisi and New England player Joe-Max Moore. Mathis' action could lead to a suspension that would cause him to miss game two against New England and likely end his career as a MetroStar.

    If he is suspended it will signal a sad ending to what was once a flourishing MetroStars career for Mathis, who has never fully regained his best form since tearing an ACL in June of 2001. Currently playing out the final year of his contract with the league, Mathis appears unlikely to re-sign with MLS and even more unlikely to return as a Metro. Bob Bradley's comments after Saturday's match, which included calling out Mathis for not getting enough chances and saying he would save his assessment of Mathis for after the season, left little doubt that Mathis will be wearing a new uniform next year.

    Mathis' actions do not warrant a suspension but very well could lead to one if MLS decides to make an example of a player the league is likely to lose at the end of the season anyway. If he is, in fact, suspended one will be left to wonder if he would have received leniency if he were under contract in 2004.

    Critics of the struggling striker refuse to believe that Mathis still has options in Europe, but a 27-year-old striker with international experience and no transfer fee is sure to field his share of offers. Look for Mathis to land with a team in England's first division, the Scottish Premier League or a mid-to-low level German Bundesliga club.

    From Bergin:

    "Yes, Clint's in real trouble. In talks with a Bundesliga 2 team (two sources)."

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