Cleveland still in hunt :)

Discussion in 'Cleveland' started by clevemlsfan, Feb 13, 2006.

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    Apr 6, 2001
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    And just not too long ago they were saying all this was news to them.

    Am I not paying close enough attention or do I get the feeling that we may be getting jerked around a little? [I am more than willing to admit the first!]

    Ultimately, its hard to get excited for this because all too easily it could fall apart.
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    (Note to all who click on PD links: Rather than fill in the damn zip code info and all that, just click where it says "Outside the US")

    I think Bart Wolstein's first preference was downtown as well. He wanted to put it near all the action, share parking lots with the Indians and Cavs, etc. But it quickly became apparent that the City of Cleveland (Jane Chimpanzee, Mayor) and/or Cuyahoga County, had absolutely no inyention of lifting a finger to help.

    If they had to put up as much as a stop light or a manhole cover, they were opposed. So rather than fight them, he started looking around. Remeber the Randall Park idea? Tear down that wretched mall and build a stadium and share some amenities with Northfield Park.

    That and the Boston Mills site were seemingly the main focus when Bart died. In the intervening time they've apparently taken out some options on this Nordonia site (I was gonna run up there and take some pix - it's pretty obvious on a map just where it is).

    Probably better from a reginal standpoint, but I agree: downtown would have been cool.
  4. TheOtherBastard

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    Aug 14, 2000
    Akron, OH
    Downtown would have been cool. View of the skyline and all that.

    But all things considered I'd prefer a stadium out a ways. Gets it away from dealing with downtown driving. Puts it near some affordable amenities. (Restaurants just up the road in Macedonia)

    Apart from all this going up in smoke my big concern is Route 8 itself, but there's plans to overhaul that regardless.

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