Clausura 08:J2: UNAM vs Atlante

Discussion in 'Pumas de UNAM' started by Rafael Hernandez, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Mar 6, 2002
    I just came home from the stadium and Pumas sucked as they lost against Atlante. Total crap job as Atlante was the better team. Atlante has been suffering from campeonitis (they lost 3 friendly matches, Chiapas should have scored 4 goals against them but had villar and bad finshing including a PK that resulted in their tie) but UNAM is suffering it worse. Tuca should shut the f**k up with his stupid declarations and get back to coaching because the team is not playing well. Scocco should also get his head out of his ass and learn that this isn't last year liguilla and he has to play well not just show up. He was non existant today. Also it appears to be that Solari is now full on tronco. He was crap today. Pablo Barrera was great but he has to learn to shoot and take the risk. He twice had great scoring chances that he wasted because he didn't shoot. In fact they were the best chances for UNAM. The defense really sucked especially the midfield. Leando didn't do much and it showed. The team is not doing well at all and we are in last place.

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