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Discussion in 'Women's College' started by Soccerhunter, Nov 20, 2016.

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    Good to note that Canniff is now a 2019. She was listed as a 2020 three years ago when I started tracking her. I should have checked her birth date instead of taking the word of other listings (including TDS). US Soccer lists Canniff as 5'1". But remember that that height is also how tall Crystal Dunn is and she holds her own nicely. (Dunn is sometimes listed as 5'2" but in seeing her in person, I think that she is more like 5"0" unless she's grown recently. US Soccer has her at 5'1".)
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    I don't think her birthday was wrong, but that she graduates early IIRC.
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    I haven't seen Caniff play in at least two years, but I don't think she's anywhere near as athletic as Dunn, and I have a vague and possibly incorrect sense that she's going to struggle to be the impact player in college that one expects from the "number 1 prospect." Could be wrong--we'll see. She'll be on a team loaded with talent, and that always helps.
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    Nov 8, 2018
    FutbolFan15 I can't figure out if you are a psychotic parent whose child isn't seeing playing time, not getting offers they want, an extremely jealous person or a HS teenager with your comments.

    I've seen you post at least two negative comments about MINORS on a public forum. That they've allegedly made inappropriate comments. Even if you were there and heard it in person this is not the place to post it. Actually it's not appropriate to post it anywhere. Your comments are about teenage girls who may or may not be reading this forum. If this was my daughter you were speaking about, I'd push to have you banned from the forum and also would consider legal action. College scholarships are worth a lot of money! You're trying to ruin people's reputations.

    I don't condone either behavior and would absolutely address any such issues with my daughter and her coach in private. But to have you naming names (you give initials and their teams, it's not difficult to figure out exactly who you are speaking about) and trying to ruin a person's reputation is inexcusable. Please stop and think before you post!

    And those who disagree with her, please don't copy and paste her entire quote, it just keeps the rumors going.

    This is absolutely on-line bullying. PLEASE STOP! Moderators, can you remove the offensive posts please?

    We can do better than this.
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    I was thinking that these two were more comparable: Jordan Canniff 5'2" and Ashley Sanchez 5'4".
    Dunn has a different physique; she has a really low center of gravity.
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    bigquestions, if it is true, and the poster heard this first hand, the problem was created by the girl. Don't blame the messenger. You would have no legal action if it was your daughter and it was true.
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    Nov 8, 2018
    If it is true or not, how is futbolfan15 there for all of these alleged incidents? This is not the first time futbolfan15 has posted something about a minor on this board. Was he/she with the player on the official visit? Was he/she actually on the field to hear this comment? I find both of these to be very unlikely.

    I'm not condoning the behavior, what I'm worried about is that futbolfan15 is spreading things that he/she hasn't heard first hand. Anyone who has spent any time with club soccer parents knows that there are people who will do anything to cut down a child with gossip and malicious rumors. It was always destructive behavior but hiding behind an anonymous online screen name is pretty cowardly. It's meant to do nothing productive. Futbolfan15 is not trying to "save" these schools from players with low character, it is simply meant to be mean spirited and to ruin people's reputations. This is the definition of cyber-bullying. You all know we have kids committing suicide because of cyber-bullying right?

    And truthfully, even if he/she heard them first hand what good is there to come from posting it on a public forum? Supposedly the player had their scholarship pulled after the visit. Does futbolfan15 want this child to never be able to play at the next level? People do make mistakes and can actually learn from them.

    What about the kid with the verbal to the other college does futbolfan15 want the scholarship offer to be pulled? There are a lot of things said in the heat of the moment and I personally have said things (as we all have) that I wish I could take back. Maybe the coach and her parents had a good discussion with the player and she's not going to say it again. Maybe this is a character issue, but eventually lack of character shows up, not any of our responsibility to educate coaches etc. She's got almost two more years until she hits campus. What a good learning experience this could be for her while she's still under the guidance of her parents.

    This is gossip whether it is true or not. Definition of gossip:

    a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others

    2a: rumor or report of an intimate nature

    Gossip is never a positive action.

    We have a serious mental health epidemic among our teens going on in our country. A lot of the issues can be traced directly back to the internet and social media.

    We can all do better than this. Let's err on the side of kindness and helping our kids be better humans. Mistakes are the very best teaching moments. Raise kids who are kind and lead by example.

    It's never been about making excuses for the kids and their behaviors, everyone needs to be accountable for their actions. It's more about an adult spreading gossip about a minor,
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    She is graduating early, you had it correct and thanks for the work and effort you put in.
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    I wonder if she was held back by her parents, she turns 18 in the summer, so being class of 2019 is age appropriate.

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