Class Act: Jang Waeryong

Discussion in 'Korean Domestic Leagues' started by GuruSky, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Jang Waeryong, a former Incheon manager who led the squad of "unknowns" to the league finals of 2005 season, turned down an offer (U20 coaching job) from KFA to keep his promise with Incheon that he'll return as their manager in 2009. He has mentioned time and time again that his ultimate goal as manager is to coach the KNT, and that he'd always be interested in working with youngsters on international level.

    A manager that I've always thought of as pure class. To hell with Lie Sunghwa.

    ‘K리그, 나에게 그 무엇보다도 소중한…’
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    Yeah I saw that, and thought Jang might actually have been a bit disappointed when getting the phonecall from the KFA and they said "we want you to coach the U19s".. he's one of the very few domestic candidates I reckon would do a decent job in the main NT job, so I guess that means unless they can steal Kim Hak-bum away from Seongnam then they're definitely going for another foreign coach.

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