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    FCE raves about new longer and wider pitch at Clarke Stadium

    "The installation of the $1.2 million, FIFA-approved turf at Clarke Stadium finishes two years worth of lobbying to get a surface that was free of the football lines. The lines can be painted on for junior and high-school football games played at the facility.

    The new turf also allowed FC Edmonton the chance to expand the field dimensions — both length and width. The old dimensions saw the goal lines placed on the goal lines of a Canadian football field, 110 yards apart. The new field is now 115 yards long by 75 yards wide."
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    Looking very good. Both Canadian NASL clubs on new top line FIFA approved field turf. Clarke seating additions gives a much better soccer feel.
    Also Sportnet360 dropping the club has worked out for the better as well with the local and much more available CityTV.
    Not to be left behind MLS clubs both have academies in place now.
    Also not to be left behind are the facilities at the Edmonton Complex adding the top soccer pitch turf to go along with other training facilities will be National team and international team action. Commonwealth's mak over with new modern seats and specialty seating areas provides Canada with the largest Capacity for a soccer event. Ottawa has the draw of being the capital now with the venue and entertainment district to make it an attractive sight. Ottawa also has the local RogersTV in which access for Broadcast is available to all.

    Like the CFL brother who shares the complex both will be evicted for the WWC in 2015 but both have already made alternative plans to play at a new Fort Mac facility.

    First game with new pitch should draw some interest this sunday.
    Next year possible international friendly during July tours making a stop in Edmonton

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