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Discussion in 'Manchester City' started by deadendnights, May 23, 2011.


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    To me they're all the same. Most important thing was getting the Nike deal done so the club can get more money from sponsorship after 5 yrs. It's good for the global image and club value. ;)
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    Ah.... dear old Neil Young. He was a great goalscorer and never got all the recognition he deserved. He should have played for England.

    The red and black stripes were first worn in the 68/69 season, I believe. Before that time I remember our change colours were all white, or white shirts and black shorts on some occasions, and even a horrible, gopping all maroon kit occasionally.

    The white kit with the red and black sash actually started life as a red and blue sash, and I remember the first time that was ever worn, 'cos I thought I'd turned up at the wrong ground when City ran out in this new kit I'd never seen before.

    When Malcolm Allison became manager of Crystal Palace, he made this their first team kit and they became better known for it than City, who only ever used it occasionally.

    Looking back at that video clip (above), this was the season when a lot of people criticised City for the number of penalties they won, and said that City got them all because Franny was a diver. Yeah, right.... Most of the penalties that season were for things like that, or handball, or when other players were fouled. Franny just stepped up and smashed the ball into the net.

    That's how to take a penalty, eh?

    Oh, and look at Billy Bonds manhandling the referee. I wonder what Paolo di Canio would make of that...!!

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