ChivasUSA vs Americaca in July?

Discussion in 'Archives: CD Chivas USA' started by RMoreno, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. RMoreno

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    Jan 18, 2005
    Southern California
    CD Chivas USA
    On today's weekly radio show "Chivas en Tu Sangre" or something like that, there was an announcement that there was a confirmed date for a "friendly" against the Aguilas del America on July 29th at 4:00pm in the HDC.

    Might be exciting since they just "won" the CONCACAF Club Championship and we all know that Cuatemoc is free and without any National Team duties! :rolleyes:

    Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Predictions?

    [You all know that we are undefeated against these guys! (1-0) victory in Ciudad Juarez about a year and a half ago.]
  2. CAM Soccer

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    Mar 28, 2006
    I am sure that Temo will score against Chivas USA with the same passion that he scores with on the other Chi-chi-tas. Arriba Las Aguilas!
  3. Differ

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    Mar 6, 2006
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    Nat'l Team:
    If it's been confirmed, it's a guarantee i'll be there. Games like these, even if it's a friendly, are always a good time.
  4. Jabinho

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    May 29, 2004
  5. Jabinho

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    May 29, 2004
    I'm sure this will sell out...of course..

    The article says you can reserve tickets by phone before they go on public sale:

    "Tickets for Chivas USA vs. Club América will go on sale in the coming weeks. In the meantime, fans can reserve seats by leaving a deposit - or by purchasing their 2006 ChivaBono - by calling 1-877-CHIVAS-1"

    ChivaBono ... sounds like something the Chivas Girls cause...
  6. Sounds great. Will it be televised?
  7. Jabinho

    Jabinho New Member

    May 29, 2004
    Nothing on that yet but I can't imagine it would not be.. I'd bet a gazzillion bucks, perhaps more, that it will be on TV...:)

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