Chester City Players Who Weren't Paid Refused To Play

Discussion in 'Other Divisions' started by EvanJ, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Chester City, a Conference National (Blue Square Premier) club with -3 points due to a 25 point penalty, did not play Forest Green Rovers according to which uses as a source. says "presumably with a 2-0 win to Forest Green" but I thought the default score if a forfeit was awarded is 3-0.
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    Chester will almost certianly be thrown out of the Conference now. Feel sorry for their geniune fans who've been shafted by Vaughan and the rest of the incompetant board for far too long.

    Really hope they manage to reform as a fans team although that might mean they lose the Deva.
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    I think the council own the stadium, so a bankrupt club would be the best solution - which is why fans are boycotting games. Restarting in the unibond is better than staying in the conference (or conference north) under Vaughan.
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    Chester have been suspended for 7 days by the Conf.
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    Like Halifax, they would presumably start in the second tier of the Unibond League. This would be the best solution. Vaughan is a crook who has effectively destroyed the club.

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