Chelsea vs Portsmouth [R]

Discussion in 'Portsmouth' started by MrEleganza, Aug 26, 2007.

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    Feb 9, 2007
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    I'm disappointed with the loss, but we weren't going to pull an Arsenal and go through the season unbeaten anyway, and Stamford Bridge is as good a place to lose as any.

    We played pretty well. Possession and shots seemed to be about even, so that's a positive takeaway on the road at a Big Four club.

    No one really stood out as either outstanding or poor for Portsmouth though. The announcers were giving DJ a RIDICULOUS amount of flak for the goal he gave up, but I didn't even see it as a bad miss for DJ. Yes, it glanced off his hand, but when you're fully extended, it's hard to make your hand brick-like enough to stop a cruise missile from close range.

    He did actually fail to hang on to a couple balls that he was able to scoop up later, but I had no problem with the goal. Commentators just trying to stir up more controversy around England's #1 GK. I'm not particularly a fan of England on the national level, but I do want DJ to do well on the National team.
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    Aug 7, 2005
    Spot on Mr E,Maybe another day and that shot would have glanced away from DJ and gone wide or over but it did'nt.Thought on the whole we deserved at least a point maybe more .Best pompey has played away for a long while and everyone played well,even HR got his tatics right away from home for once.
    I like the Setnata channel keep showing the Pompey games too.

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