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    Chants of the Week are pretty thin this week,.

    "They wanted him to be a Jambo and he said No, No, No."
    To Motherwell manager Mark McGhee during Motherwell v Hearts, sung to Amy Winehouse's Rehab.
    (Stuart, Scotland)

    "There was something in the air that night, the stars were bright, Afonso! They were shining there for you and me, for liberty, Afonso!"
    Middlesbrough fans to Afonso Alves during Middlesbrough v Tottenham, to the tune of Fernando by ABBA
    (Jake Marsdan, Middlesbrough)

    (You can always count on those Boro fans to come up with witty 80s pop culture songs. Do they still chant the Aliadiere one?)


    "Anyone caught without their cell phones on silent will be taken to UCLA's nuclear biology department and tested on."
    At the Countrywide Classic tennis tournament in Los Angeles.
    (Ben, Suffolk)

    "Derby 0-1 Doncaster, that's Derby 0-1 Doncaster, once more, Derby 0-1 Doncaster!"
    Leicester City announcer at the end of their 2-0 victory over MK Dons.
    (Sam Quarmby, United Kingdom)
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    More chants!

    First, the very latest!:

    "Did you judge the taekwondo?"
    Crystal Palace fans after seeing the referee send off two of their players on the same day as some controversial taekwondo decisions in Beijing.
    (Chris, Croydon)

    "Na-na na-na na-na na-na na na na, Posse-Possebon, Possebon, Posse-Possebon!"
    Man Utd fans serenade their Brazilian youngster to the tune of Baby Give It Up by KC and the Sunshine Band. (note: I corrected it, because it was slightly wrong)
    (Stephen, England)

    "Are you watching? Are you watching? Are you watching, Lawrenson?"
    Hull fans response to Lawro's relegation prediction when up 2-1 against Fulham
    (Bry, Hull)

    "You only score when we let you, score when we let you..."
    Bristol Rovers fans as Hereford score a consolation in their 6-1 thrashing
    (Chris, UK)

    Now, August 12 early chants:

    "You're too fit to be a steward."
    To a female steward at the cricket at Edgbaston.
    (Simon Coghlan, England)

    "Ollie, what have you done, now we're down in division one. Now you're gone, we've had to yield, and our biggest game is Huddersfield."
    Leicester City fans to former manager Ian Holloway at their first game of the season in League One.
    (Dave Cave, UK)

    August 5:

    "He's quick, he's red, he talks like Father Ted."
    Liverpool fans waste no time welcoming Robbie Keane to Anfield.

    And stadium announcements:

    "Please can I just remind you to keep off the playing area or you will be taken away and ejected from the ground just like that chav in the white T-shirt."
    The announcer at Twenty20 finals day. (Simon Davison, UK).

    "Coming on for Ajax is number 26...ummm... there isn't a number 26?!"
    Stadium announcer at Cardiff City's match with Ajax. (Ryan Davies, Cardiff).

    And stuff for July 29:


    "The team for Colchester United..... I don't have a clue."
    Before the Chelmsford City-Colchester United friendly. (Francis Kyan, England).

    "Please could all the players get into position five minutes before the end of the game.... er, sorry, I meant the stewards."
    Galway v Leeds United. (Paul, Leeds).


    "Malan, the one and only!"
    To the tune of Chesney Hawkes's classic I Am The One And Only - sung to Dawid Malan after his century knock sent Middlesex to the finals day of the Twenty20 cup.(Andrew, London).

    "Pattinson is English, He really really is, The lad he comes from Grimsby, That's why he smells of fish."
    Headingley supporters club. (Julian Pearce, UK).

    "We all dream of a team of Pattinsons, a team of Pattinsons."
    England fans during the second Test with South Africa. (Adam Smith, England).


    "Poultry in Motion."
    Seen at the Sydney Roosters v Manly NRL game. (Ruairidh Calderwood, Australia).
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    The "Hurricane Ike won't bring us down" edition...

    First, September 3...

    "Are you England in disguise?"
    Arsenal fans as Steve McClaren's FC Twente suffer a 4-0 defeat at the Emirates Stadium. (Curtis, England)

    "Theooo, Theo Walcott, Theo Theo Walcott, he's an Englishman at Arsenal."
    Arsenal fans sing to the tune of Sting's Englishman in New York. (Darshan Brahmbhatt, Cambridge)

    "Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim-cheru who needs Sol Campbell when we've got Shittu."
    Bolton fans serenade defender Danny Shittu to the tune of Mary Poppins' Chim Chim Cheree. (Sam Illingworth, Bolton)

    "We've got more points than you."
    Hull City fans to Wigan supporters who were celebrating a 5-0 win at the KC Stadium. (Dave E, E Yorks)

    And an announcement:

    "If there is a FA qualified official in the crowd tonight, can you please make yourself known as we are one short."
    An announcement at Bournemouth ahead of their match with Bristol Rovers.
    (Peter Olding, Eastleigh)

    September 10...

    "Oh you can freeze 500 million
    And you can freeze 500 more
    Cos Thaksin's got another billion
    Underneath his bedroom floor
    Chant of the season so far, from Man City fans to the tune of The Proclaimers' "500 miles". Genius. (Denis, Germany).

    "Where's your caravan?"
    Port Vale fans to long-haired ex-player Danny Sonner at Walsall. (Griff, England).

    Three more points to go then we get to zero (to the tune of '10 Men Went To Mow').

    Leeds fans on getting to minus three points. (Graeme Garvey, England).

    "Zero! Zero! Zero!"
    Leeds fans after their two-goal win over Hartlepool took them back to zero points! (Sam Johnston, UK).

    God Save the Queen!

    ''Elton, Elton he is the queen of Vicarage Road!''
    The Watford faithful take a break from hailing Marlon as the King of Vicarage Road and acknowledge Elton John in the crowd. (David Smith, England).

    "We've only got 10 men."
    Wigan fans at St James's Park.
    "You've only got 10 fans!"
    Newcastle fans' response. (Glen, UK).

    The Premier League is upside down, The Premier League is upside down, We're in the Champions League with Derby, and Liverpool are going down."
    Sung by Reading fans after successive 3-0 defeats. (James Bucknall, Republic of Berkshire).

    "Pardew, is a Palace fan."
    After Charlton manager Alan Pardew responded to home chants of "Pardew give us a wave" at the South London derby. (Tom Ball, UK).

    "Batman is a Kopite."
    Liverpool fans in the Kop as two bats circled and darted in and out of the stand during the Toulouse game. (Greg, England).

    "They tried to make me sign for Celtic, but I said No, No, No!"
    Sung by Rangers fans on Saturday v Gretna about new signing Steven Naismith, to the tune of Amy Winehouse's Rehab. (Boyd Pearson, Scotland).

    And some stadium announcements:

    "Mr John Smith your wife is waiting under the scoreboard, it's your turn to feed the baby."
    During Leicester Tigers match. (Dennis Blackburn, England).

    "Smoking is banned in the stadium but if you are desperate ask a steward for a nicotine patch."
    Bristol Rovers stadium announcer before the home game against Crewe. (Ed Blackwell, UK). (O-R: It seems Colchester isn't the only team with a smoking problem amongst its fans.)
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    September 16...

    "Are you Scotland in disguise?"
    England fans to Croatia.

    "We've got Robinho!"
    Man City fans taunt the world's second richest club after their Brazilian scores the opener against Chelsea.

    "Where's Robinho gone?"
    Chelsea supporters have the last laugh after going 3-1 up.

    "You're being mauled by the Tigers."
    Hull City fans after going 2-0 up against Newcastle at St James' Park. (Malcolm, Hull)

    "Sell the tower and build a ground."
    Barnsley fans during their 1-0 defeat at Blackpool on Saturday. (Fiona, UK)

    "Knight Fever, Knight Fever - He knows where the goal is."
    Rushden fans serenade striker Leon Knight to the tune of the Bee Gee's Night Fever. (Sam Sturman, Rushdenshire)

    September 23...

    "We play football with our feet, do-da, do-da."
    Europe lose the Ryder Cup but win the battle of the chants at Valhalla.

    "Boo ate all the pies, Boo ate all the pies…"
    Europe fans pay tribute to Boo Weekley.

    "Boo-S-A, Boo-S-A"
    The Americans muster a reponse.

    "1-0 to the Golden Boys."
    After Tommy Smith scored the first legitimate goal in the infamous Watford-Reading match. (Neil Symons, UK)

    "You stole my holiday."
    Newcastle fans to West Ham fans after the demise of the Hammers' shirt sponsors, travel firm XL. (Nick Kane, England)

    "We want seven."
    Reading fans get demanding during their mauling of Sheffield Wednesday.

    "We want one."
    Wednesday's expectations are a little lower. (Jonathan, Reading)

    "Who needs Robinho, we've got Felino."
    Cambridge fans to new signing Felino Jardim. (Denton, England)


    "Would the owner of the Vauxhall, registration number..., please report to the nearest steward as you have left the hand brake off and it has rolled into the car behind you." Swiftly followed by: "Would the owner of the Ford Fiesta, registration number..., please also report to the nearest steward as yours is the one that has been hit."
    From the Wycombe Wanders v Brentford game. (Gareth Jenkins, England)
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    September 30...


    "Chairs from Ikea, You got your chairs from Ikea!"
    Birmingham fans to Bristol City fans at Ashton Gate.
    (Chris, England)

    A Man City supporter gets in the mood against Chelsea

    "Next year, you'll be City fans!"
    Supporters of the newest rich boys in town Manchester City taunt Chelsea at the recent home game. (Disco Dave, UK)

    "Forty quid? You're having a laugh."
    Derby fans after QPR were forced to back down on putting up ticket prices.
    "Forty quid? You're having a laugh."
    QPR fans concur.

    "One-nil to the Golden Boys!"
    Watford get carried away with the 'goal that shouldn't have been' against Reading the previous week as their first shot against West Ham in the Carling Cup goes five yards wide. (Karen, UK)


    "And here's the 14th team in the Premier League..."
    The Chelsea announcer at Stamford Bridge introducing Manchester United. (Tom Lowen, England)
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    October 8...

    To the tune of Ottawan's D.I.S.C.O - sung by Ipswich fans to new hero Ivan Campo at the Barnsley game. (Harrison, Lowestoft).

    "We won a proper cup."
    Pompey fans to Spurs counterparts. (Steve Williams, UK).


    "Are you Tottenham in disguise?"
    Hull City fans at the Emirates. (Mark, UK).

    "You do know what your doing!"
    Cardiff fans after referee disallows Freddie Eastwood's goal for Coventry. (Alessandro Di-Girolamo, Wales).

    "Oh Vela, Vela
    The Mexican Superstar
    He's Better Than Cantona!
    Oh Vela, Vela"
    Arsenal fans' tribute to Carlos Vela after his hat-trick at home to Sheffield United! (Sam Whitehead, London). Bit late, Sam, but worthy of inclusion! Ed.

    "You should have stayed at Gatwick!"
    Arsenal chant at the Emirates against Porto. (Nick Rafferty, UK).

    "Charlie, Charlie, what's the Score?"
    Man U fans to Paul Ince, aka 'Big Time Charlie'. (Jer, England).


    "And a big round of applause for Hull City. Tottenham nil, Hull City one. Tottenham nil, Hull City one. Tottenham nil, Hull City one. Thank you very much."
    Chelsea announcer. (Tom Eyres, England).

    "Replacing number 16, Raul Meireles, is number 12, The Hulk."
    On 64 minutes at The Emirates when FC Porto's incredibly-named substitute came on. (Steve, England).
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    October 15

    "He's going green in a minute!"
    Sang at Arsenal v Porto whenever Porto's Hulk touched the ball. (Mike Dean, UK)

    "We love our Itsy Bitsy,
    Teeny Weeny,
    Baldy Headed,
    Warren Feeney,
    Plays in Dundee and he can't score a goal!"
    To the tune of Yellow Poka Dot Bikini. Northern Ireland's Green & White Army in Slovenia. (Mike Walkingshaw, Norn Iron)

    "He's fat, he's round, he swears like Chubby Brown, Joe Kinnear, Joe Kinnear!"
    Latest chant at Newcastle. (Bobby Dazzler, UK)

    "We can see you sneaking out!"
    Southend fans to Yeovil after Southend score to make it 2-0.

    "We can see you coming back!"
    Southend fans after Yeovil promptly pull one back to make it 2-1. (Andrew, Essex)

    "He tackles and he passes, He hassles and harasses, he gets up people's asses, He's better than Zidane. Grant McCann, Grant McCann, Grant McCann, Grant McCann, Grant McCann."
    To the tune of the Addams family. Green & White Army in Slovenia. (Mike Walkingshaw, Norn Iron)

    "We're not Real Madrid,
    We're not Barcelona,
    We are Reading Football Club and Madejski is our owner."
    Reading fans. (Martin Evans, England)

    "We're only here for the shot put."
    Leeds fans while 4-1 down to Rotherham at the Don Valley Stadium (originally built for athletics). (James, England)

    "We all want a telly!"
    Chelsea fans after a half-time competition to win a television. (Ben, England)

    "Are we Tottenham in disguise?"
    Wycombe fans during the 7-0 defeat to Shrewsbury. (Tom Parsons, UK)


    "Half-time scores from the Premiership: Man United 1, Blackburn 0; Sunderland 0, Arsenal 0; West Brom 0, Fulham 0; Wigan 0, Middlesbrough 0...that'll make for interesting watching on Match of the Day tonight."
    Yeovil Town stadium announcer. (Felix Yoosefinejad, England)


    "What's the difference between Spurs and a triangle? A triangle has three points."
    West Stand wag at Stamford Bridge. (Andy McGovern, UK)

    October 29

    "Just one Tonetto, give it to me."
    Chelsea fans when Roma brought on their substitute. (Ryan, London)

    "Two Dickie Harpers, there's only two Dickie Harpers!"
    Chant sung at the rather large Grays Athletic physio Dickie Harper at his final game. (Steve Quirk, England)

    "You're just a bus stop in West Ham!"
    Sung by Colchester fans to Millwall. (Charlie ColU, England)

    "Theo, Theo Theo Walcott, he's the only Englishman at Arsenal..."
    At Arsenal v Everton - to the tune of Sting's Englishman in New York. (Josh FFeld, UK)

    "David Bentley are you listening,
    Can you see what you are missing,
    Bottom of the league,
    With no Champions League,
    Walking in an Incey wonderland."
    Sung by Blackburn fans at Bolton (to the tune of Walking in a Winterland) . (Ian, UK)

    "Bosingwa, Bosingwa, Bosingwa, Bosingwa, Terryeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."
    To the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. A chant at my local pub, during the Chelsea match. (James, Aberdeen)

    "Where's your Keegan gone? Far far away."
    Sunderland fans to Newcastle. (Dave, Sunderland)

    "You're so s*** you could be Exeter!"
    Torquay United fans to the Ebbsfleet supporters as the away side won 2-0 to extend their unbeaten run to nine and condemn their hosts to a fourth-straight defeat. (Matt, England)

    "Minus 18, it must be cold!"
    Watford fans at St Mary's in honour of Luton's Plight! (Mat Ball, England)


    "Bolton v Blackburn today, oh the joy. Anyone got any spare paint to watch dry?"
    Announcer at the Reebok Stadium. (James Bentley, England)

    "If there is a qualified referee in the crowd, can they please make themselves known to the nearest tannoy steward."
    Heard at the Peterborough-Brighton game. (Philip Stewart, Peterborough)

    "Look, just to let you know, the referee IS qualified!"
    Announcer at Peterborough United-Brighton game after the referee had to be replaced. (Sam Clews, UK)

    "On loan from Tottenham so that he can feel what three points is like - Andy Barcham!"
    Stadium announcer at Gillingham while announcing on-loan midfielder Andy Barcham from Spurs. (Eloise, England)

    November 5

    "Oh I'd rather have a monster than a wheel."
    Inverness fans flaunt their superior tourist attraction at the Co-op Cup game with Falkirk. (Stanley Caledonian, Drumnadrochit). For those not in the know, the Falkirk Wheel is the world's only rotating boat lift - Ed.

    "You're just a town full of rugby."
    Heard in the Stretford End during Manchester United against Hull City. (Ollie L, England).

    "You should have gone Christmas shopping."
    Reading fans taunt Bristol City counterparts after going 4-0 up at Ashton Gate. (Jonny Williams, Reading).

    "We want the orange ball."
    Aldershot Town fans chanting through heavy snow during their home match with Port Vale. (Ben Blundell, England).

    [​IMG] Good, but not quite Rory

    "Who needs Robhino, we've got Delap's throw."
    Stoke fans at Eastlands. (Matt, England).

    "He is a midfield maestro, and his passing is so delightful, everyone wants to know, Alonso, Alonso, Alonso."
    Sung by Liverpool fans To the tune of 'Let It Snow' when Xabi Alonso scored against Chelsea. (Matt Evans, England).

    "John Carew, Carew. He likes a lapdance or two. He might even pay for you. John Carew, Carew."
    Villa fans at Wigan. (Martin, UK).

    "Chim chimernee, chim chimernee, chim, chim cheroo - Bentley from 50 and Lennon from two!"
    Spurs fans to Arsenal after equalising to make it 4-4. (Danny, UK).

    "You couldn't beat our ladies!"
    Arsenal fans to Tottenham at 4-2. (Marco Gaspari, London).

    "Myhill! In the middle of our goal. Myhill!"
    Hull fans to the tune of Our House by Madness. (Michael Fynes, UK).


    "Half-time and it's currently 0-0. Get ready to take out a loan for your pie and pint!"
    Announcer at the Reebok. (James Bentley, England).

    November 13

    "Adams was a Gunner
    He'll never be a scummer
    Redknapp did a runner
    We're the Adams family.
    Do-do-do-do (clap clap)..."
    Pompey fans, to the tune of the Addams Family. (Jim, England).

    "Oooh Nani, oooh Nani, you couldn't beat my granny, oooh Nani."
    Celtic fans against Man Utd in the Champions League. (Mark, Scotland).

    "Where are ya?"
    Chanted by Rochdale fans at a very foggy Scunthorpe in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. (Andy Foster, England).

    Aussie RL fans: "Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, Oi, Oi, Oi!"
    England fans: "You've only got one song!"
    Aussies: "You've only got one try!"
    During England's 52-4 loss to Australia in the Rugby League World Cup. (Darren, Australia).

    "You're supposed to have a neck!"
    Middlesbrough fans to Craig Bellamy. (Luke Carter, England).

    "You're just a wally with a brolly."
    Man City fans to Steve McClaren during the FC Twente game. (Gemma, England).


    "Today's attendance is 2,971, and for the mathematically-challenged, that is exactly 1,000 more than the year when Thistle won the League Cup."
    At Firhill towards the end of Partick Thistle v Queen of the South. (Chris Mason, UK).


    "Yes we can."
    Seen before the Celtic v Man Utd game at Parkhead, following Barack Obama's historic victory. (Matthew, Surrey).

    (Why is everybody making fun of the Spurs this year? There's 10 different teams who are within four points of each other on the bottom of the Premier League fixture.)
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    November 19

    "Get your mascot off the pitch!"
    AFC Hornchurch fans to Peterborough's pint-sized midfielder Dean Keates.

    "Too fat and you can't get up!"
    QPR fans to Burnley's heavyweight keeper Brian Jensen as he sat on the pitch getting treatment.

    "Are you Chelsea in disguise?"
    Burnley supporters at Loftus Road after completing a west London double.

    "You're not naked anymore!"
    Spurs fans to the Zagreb supporters who had all taken their tops off at 3-0 but were quickly re-clothed at 4-0 down! (Mark, UK).

    "You've only got one leg!"
    Wolves fans to manager Mick McCarthy, on crutches following an ankle operation. (Richard Cooper, England).

    "Can we play you every week?"
    Spurs to Liverpool fans, after beating them twice inside seven days. (John Molby, UK).

    "You don't know what you're doing!"
    Leeds fans at Derby to guy who proposed to his girlfriend on the pitch. (Luke Royle-Evatt, England).

    "England's no. 7."
    Arsenal fans to Wigan keeper Chris Kirkland.
    "England's no. 6."
    After Kirkland makes a series of incredible saves. (Matt, UK).

    "Are you watching, Robbie Keane?"
    At the Spurs-Liverpool demolition. (Omeed, UK).

    "You're only here to see a throw-in."
    Man United fans to Stoke City counterparts regarding Mr Delap's infamous throw. (Tim Griffiths, England).


    "In the Carling Cup - Arsenal Schoolboys 3, Wigan 0."
    Stadium announcer at Leicester-Yeovil game. (Jake, Leicester).

    "This is for the owner of the Land Rover that moved his car from Chicago Avenue earlier because it was blocking a drive: it is now causing an obstruction in Sunnymead Avenue, so MOVE IT. Now. For the second time today. Thanks."
    The Gillingham announcer is audibly unimpressed with this person's parking. (Steve, England).


    "Even in the credit crunch... Halfpenny goes a long way!"
    Seen at the Wales v Canada rugby match in tribute to Wales back Leigh Halfpenny. (Hannah, Wales).

    November 26

    "Robinho on the bus goes round and round."
    Heard at Man City v Arsenal, following Robinho's shopping trip to the Trafford Centre on the bus! (MCFC Mark, England).

    "Are you Tottenham in disguise?"
    England fans to Germany during the friendly. (Mark Gracey, Gillingham).

    "Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob Bob Malcom. Bob Malcolm reach for the sky, no free-kick too far, no header too high!"
    Motherwell fans to utility player Bob Malcom - to the tune of 'There's No Limit'. (Euan Campbell, Scotland).

    "It's gonna rain in a minute!"
    Leicester fans chanting at other Leicester fans who were seated in a rather more exposed area of Swindon's County Ground. (Ryan, Swindon).

    "Stand up if you beat Arsenal!"
    Stoke fans at Old Trafford. (Steve Buss, UK).

    "We are the Hillmen, you are the 10 men, you are a walrus, goo goo gachoo!"
    Glossop North End fans to the 10 men of Biddulph and their rather portly keeper, when the two sides met in the FA Vase. Glossop won 4-0. (Daniel, England).

    "You ate Barry Fry!"
    Cambridge fans react to a York supporter who decided to show us his belly. (Laurence Shaw, Cambridge).

    "Shall we pay the bill for you?"
    Carlisle fans at Grays following a floodlight failure. (Jim, England).

    "You should have watched on Setanta!"
    Leeds fans shouting to their Northampton counterparts who were being thrashed in the FA Cup replay. (Darren, Wales).

    "We Are Jimvinceable!"
    FC Halifax Town fans as manager Jim Vince makes it eight wins out of eight for the newly-reformed and top of the Unibond North Shaymen! (Luke Ramsden, UK).

    "Oh Guillem Bauza, you are the love of my life, Oh Guillem Bauza I'd let you kiss me wife, Oh Guillem Bauza I want curly hair too."
    Sung to Swansea striker Guillem Bauza. (Rhys Davies, Wales).

    "If Ricketts played for England, so could I."
    MK Dons fans to Walsall striker Michael Ricketts. (Chris, UK).

    "Where were you in Germany?"
    Villa fans to Rooney and Ferdinand, who played for Man Utd after missing England's friendly. (Kate, UK).

    "England's number one!"
    Spurs fans to their old keeper Paul Robinson during the Blackburn game. Poor old Heurelho Gomes! (Jack, London).

    "Batman, Batman give us a wave!"
    QPR fans to man dressed as Batman walking on the roof during the Charlton game. (Paul, London).
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    Nov 5, 2007
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    December 4
    Goalscorer for Bournemouth...

    "Are you Bournemouth in disguise?"
    Portsmouth fans while 2-0 up against AC Milan. (Toby, UK).

    "Can we play you every week?"
    Pompey fans again. (Nigel Lavender, England).

    "You're not very good!"
    And again. (Nick Poling, Portsmouth).

    "Are you Chelsea in disguise?"
    Burnley fans to Arsenal after Kevin McDonald put the Clarets 2-0 up. (Stephen Brogden, Burnley).

    "You got your stand from Ikea."
    Millwall fans singing to Leyton Orient about their shoddy stand. (James Martin, England).

    "What's that coming out of the fog, is it Steve Halford, is it Steve Halford?"
    Droylsden fans to the tune of the Automatic's Monster during the fog-bound FA Cup game with Chesterfield. (Chris Booth, UK).

    "Can you tell us when we've scored?!" and "We can't see you sneaking out!"
    Chesterfield fans at the same game. (James, England).

    "Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tommmm, Tommmm, Tommmm. Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom... Huddlestone!"
    Spurs fans to Tom Huddlestone to the theme-tune from Superman. (Justin Fleming, London). Try humming it without going into the Indiana Jones theme - Ed.

    "4-1 - it's your keeper's fault."
    Leeds fans to Northampton during the 5-2 FA Cup tie.

    "League One - it's your chairman's fault."
    Cobblers fans' instant reply. (James, England).

    "Shall we buy you a defender?"
    Man City fans to Arsenal during the 3-0 win. (John, England).


    Portsmouth Announcer: "Number 22 - Kaka!"
    Crowd: "Who?"
    Announcer: "Number 80 - Ronaldinho!"
    Crowd: "Who?"
    At Pompey-AC Milan. (Nick Poling, Portsmouth).

    "Could Scott please come to the creche - your girlfriend is here and this game is boring."
    Heard at Hearts v Falkirk. (HBOS, Scotland).

    December 11

    "2-0 to the tax-payers!" and "Your mum does your laundry!"
    AFC Wimbledon fans in good voice against uni side Team Bath. (James Porter, England).

    "Are you Arsenal in disguise?"
    Burnley fans while winning at Bramall Lane. (Jack Mulhall, Lincoln).

    He's Streets ahead of the rest

    "You've got Curly Watts as a celebrity fan...cause City are a massive club!"
    Man Utd fans singing to Man City counterparts. (Luke Steventon, England).

    "Shall we buy you louder fans?!"
    City fans to United. (Matt, Manchester).

    "Who needs Robinho? We've got Routledge-io!"
    Cardiff City fans during game with Preston North End. (Chris Murphy, Wales).

    "We're gonna win 5-4!"
    Blackburn fans after coming back from 4-1 down to 4-3 in five minutes at Old Trafford.

    "You're gonna lose 5-4!"
    Man Utd fans' response after Tevez scored a minute later. (Both were wrong - it finished 5-3). (Steven, Manchester).


    "In the event of the second half being played, if you hear cheers down the other side of the pitch or near the dugouts, could the manager please ring my mobile. The fog is stopping me from doing my job."
    Half-time at the Radcliffe Borough-Garforth Town game. (Mr A Hallam, England).

    "Will the steward who is incessantly clicking his radio please desist immediately. It is very annoying."
    Heard at St Andrew's. (Andrew Purchase, UK).

    "Tottenham 0-1 Everton! Steven Pienaar with the winner. Ooh, for a moment I thought we had a bit of Chelsea-Arsenal love there."
    Announcer at Stamford Bridge during Chelsea-Arsenal. (Dave, London).

    Not so much a comment, but it was funny seing the stadium announcer desperately trying to turn off Sugababes' 'Here Come The Girls' as Partick Thistle ran out for the second half in their pink strips. Does nothing for morale! (Graham, Glasgow).
  10. Blu N Houston

    Blu N Houston Member

    Apr 8, 2005
    In your head!
    Houston Dynamo
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    Are Euro fans on crack?
    Those still don't compare to my
    "Si no Eres de Houston" chant!
  11. Macsen

    Macsen Moderator
    Staff Member

    Nov 5, 2007
    Orlando City SC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    December 19 (there appears to be some creep in the release date...)

    "You're getting sacked in the morning!"
    Wigan fans to Paul Ince after Blackburn's hammering at the JJB. Rovers fans then joined in! (David King, UK). Right chant -wrong day. Ed

    "You're going down with the Woolworths!"
    from Ebbsfleet fans to Weymouth during their 1-0 win. (Kevin, UK).

    "You're not scary anymore."
    Bristol Rovers fans singing away at a rather timid Milwall. (Phil, England).

    "Dimitar Berbatov, took one look at City and he said f*ck off!"
    Sung by Man Utd fans at White Hart Lane to the tune of Jesus Christ Superstar. (Obi, UK).

    "There's only two of us singing!"
    Two Torquay fans at the Setanta Shield game away at Forest Green. Glad someone found some humour in the freezing cold. (Mike, England).

    "He's Agent Zola, He's taking West Ham down."
    Chelsea fans v Cluj, in preparation for the West Ham match, to the tune of I Love You Baby. (Craig Wilmann, UK).

    "We're all going on a European Tour" and "You're all going on a Canvey Island tour!"
    Spurs fans at West Ham. (Justin, England).

    "How much was your taxi fare?"
    Notts county fans to Morecambe's very tiny away support. (Gareth Jones, England).


    "If you appear mashed, smashed or totally plastered you will not be allowed into tonight's game."
    Heard on the tannoy outside the Wellington Phoenix versus Perth Glory A league match. (Charlie Lambert, New Zealand).

    "To the linesman in front of the stand, your car has been stolen. Does anyone know the number for a cab firm?"
    Announcement heard at Ilford FC. (Jack, England).

    "Here are the latest scores in League One - not that they matter because we are top of the league!"
    At Leicester v Southend. (Alison, UK).
  12. Macsen

    Macsen Moderator
    Staff Member

    Nov 5, 2007
    Orlando City SC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    January 8

    "He's fast, he's red, he sounds like Father Ted, Robbie Keane."
    Liverpool fans. (Bob, Middlesbrough).

    "England's number four!"
    Barnsley chant to Rob Green v West Ham, at which point Green turned round and indicated that he is actually England's number six! (Jowitt, UK).

    "Top of the league, and your sneaking out!"
    Exeter City Fans to Wycombe Wanderers leaving with 10 minutes to go. (Chris Lomas, High Wycombe).

    "You're just a town with a sweet shop!"
    Sung by Glossop North End supporters during the Boxing Day derby victory over New Mills, home to the world famous Swizzels Matlow sweet factory! (Adrian Priestley, England). The what? Ed.

    "We're gonna lose 5-4!"
    Man City fans when 4-0 up against Hull. (James Halfpenny, UK).

    "Oh the Sousa... the mighty Sousa... We're gonna win away... a win away a win away a win away..."
    (To the tune of The Lion Sleeps Tonight) - QPR fans when it look destined they would finally win an away game, only for Charlton to equalise. (Saffa Michail, Isle of Wight).

    "City's going down with a billion in the bank!"
    Man Utd fans to the tune of Yellow Submarine during the Stoke game, while Man City were still in the relegation zone. (Ollie L, Yorkshire).

    "Where's your throw-in gone?"
    United fans when Rory Delap was taken off at Stoke. (Ollie L, Yorkshire).

    "You're getting stuffed like the turkey!"
    Reading fans to Birmingham City fans after Cisse had put them 3-1 up. (Helen, Reading).

    "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better watch out I'm telling you why - Santa Cruz is coming to Blyth!"
    Blyth fans ahead of the FA Cup tie at Blackburn. (Darren, Newcastle).

    "I'd rather be a teapot than a Kettle!"
    Darlington fans to referee Trevor Kettle during the Barnet game. (Chris Lupton, England).

    "If you love Golden Wonder, clap your hands."
    Sung by Peterborough fans at Leicester's Walkers' Stadium. (Stuart Francis, England).


    "Now ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for a team who unlike Villa have been to Wembley this century and won!"
    The match announcer at Priestfields before Gillingham's FA Cup third round tie with Aston Villa. (Tommy Waters, Gillingham).

    "Would you please welcome back out onto the pitch, Bristol City and the best in the west, Plymouth Argyle!"
    Announcer at Plymouth v Birmingham. (Dan Ellard, England).

    January 15

    "Are you Terry in disguise?"
    Chant from Manchester United fans to Didier Drogba after he completely missed the ball trying to shoot! (James, Manchester).

    "He swerves to the left, He swerves to the right, That boy Ronaldo, His driving is *****!"
    Bolton fans showing their sympathetic stance on the Ferrari incident at the Emirates. (Mark, Lancaster).

    "Forest going down with a fiver in the bank!"
    Derby fans respond to United's 'City going down with a billion in the bank' chant, to the tune of Yellow Submarine. (Carratty, England).

    "How many special people came? How many flights we had to change? Where were you when we were in Chennai?
    "Hit for four with his first ball, Then got Gambhir and the Wall. Where were you when we were in Chennai?
    "Somewhere you will find him, taking loads of wickets, in a Swanny Super Over in Chennai.
    "Somewhere you will find him, taking loads of wickets, in a Swanny Super Over, a Swanny Super Over...
    "Because some people believe that we shouldn't even come here at all...but you and I will never die, and Graeme Swann is just the reason why, why, why, why."
    England cricket fans' song for Graeme Swann, to the tune of Oasis's Champagne Supernova. (Jon, England). (Just for effort, this should be Chant of the Decade, hands-down. -OR)

    "Are you Arsenal in disguise?"
    Burnley fans after they went 1-0 up against Spurs in the Carling Cup.
    "Are YOU Arsenal in disguise?"
    Spurs fans retaliate after going 4-1 up. (Antony, UK)

    "That's the way, Saha Saha, we like it, Saha Saha."
    Sung at Everton game, to the tune by KC and the Sunshine Band. (Barry Willett, England).

    "He's big, he's fast, his first name should be last, Stern John."
    Bristol City fans away to Watford. (Daniel Rowe, Somerset).

    "Eboue, woahhh, Eboue, woahhh. He comes from Africa. He's better than Kaka!"
    Arsenal fans. (Joseph, England).


    "It finishes Crawley Town 2, Woking 2. Be sure to tune in to the Blue Square Premier Review on Setanta next week to see how far offside Woking's first goal was!"
    Crawley stadium announcer. (Graeme Morton, UK).

    "For those fans travelling on the away supporters' coach, please be advised that it has broken down."
    Announcement at Aldershot v Dagenham and Redbridge, followed by loud cheers from the home support. (Katie, England).

    January 22

    "He's cracking up, he's cracking up, he's cracking, Rafa's cracking up!"
    United fans to the tune of Three Lions. (Kev, Manchester).

    "Lino, lino give us a goal!"
    Watford fans at the Madejski Stadium. In the reverse fixture, Reading were awarded the goal that never was. (Conor McAdden, Reading).

    Watford fans: "It's all quiet in the library!"
    Reading fans: "Shhhhhhhhh!"
    After Reading went 1-0 up. (Chris Painter, England).

    "Your car's too fast for you!"
    Derby fans to Ronaldo as he warmed up at Old Trafford in the Carling Cup semi-final second leg - even brought a smile to United fans nearby! (Simon, England).

    "Stand up, if you beat Man U."
    Southend fans against Chelsea. (Andrew, UK).

    "We hate West Ham more than you!"
    Orient fans to Sheffield United counterparts. (Matt Gibson, England).

    "You only sing at the rugby."
    Sung at Hull fans by Newcastle. (Jack Stabler, England).

    "Are you Woolworths in disguise?"
    Hibs fans to their cash-strapped Edinburgh rivals Hearts. (Emma).

    "Does your butler know you're here?"
    Southend fans to Chelsea supporters. (Martin Rogers, England).

    "Viva John Terry! Viva John Terry! He could have won the Cup, but then he mucked it up, Viva John Terry!"
    Manchester United fans show their appreciation for the Chelsea captain at Old Trafford! (Thomas Bridge, England).


    "An announcement for Linfield supporters. Could the owner of a blue Nissan registration number ******* please return to your vehicle immediately as you have left your keys in the car."
    Heard at the recent Cliftonville v Linfield match at Solitude. (Stephen, Ireland). Maybe he should have just said 'Attention all car thieves...' Ed.

    "Number 20, Deco."
    "Number 26, John Terry!"
    The Old Trafford announcer's mention of John Terry gets the biggest cheer of the day. (Benni Sluckis, England).

    "Goalscorer for Crystal Palace, eventually, number six Jose Fonte."
    Announcer at Palace v Ipswich, after the ref took a while to decide whether to give it or not. Not only that, it wasn't Fonte who scored it! (Chris Humphris, London).


    "Manchester 08 - European Capital of Trophies."
    Banner at Old Trafford mocks 'Capital of Culture' Liverpool. (Phil, England).

    "Finally a cold day in hell."
    Banner held by Arizona Cardinals' fan after they reached the NFL NFC Championship Game for the first time. (Simon, Dorset).
  13. Macsen

    Macsen Moderator
    Staff Member

    Nov 5, 2007
    Orlando City SC
    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    January 29

    "Viva Da Silva, Viva Da Silva, when they're on the pitch, we don't know which is which, Viva da Silva!"
    Man Utd fans on the debut of Fabio da Silva, twin brother of Rafael.(Idris, England).

    "Commuters, commuters give us a song!"
    Crystal Palace supporters on a train from London Bridge to Charlton. (JJ, UK).

    "Are you watching ITV?"
    Chanted by Kettering fans after equalising against Fulham. The game was not shown live. (Gary French, England).

    "This stand's too small for us!"
    Bradford City fans at Bury after the hosts let in too many travelling fans and they ran out of seats! (Danny Peers, Bradford).

    "We're gonna fall in a minute!"
    Exeter fans at Gillingham when the away stand started shaking. (Keiran Hutchins, England).

    "Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Howard, Howard Webb, Howard Webb, Howard, Howard Webb!"
    Wolves fans singing at Birmingham after Howard Webb provided an assist for the second goal. To the tune of 'Baby Give It Up' by KC and the Sunshine Band. (Ricky Garcha, England).

    ''Are you watching Merseyside?''
    Manchester United fans after Wayne Rooney's goal wins the match against Wigan. (James Daniels, United Kingdom).

    "Kaka, wherever you may be
    Have you heard of Man City?
    Never go there,
    It'll end in tears,
    They haven't won a trophy in 33 years."
    Wigan fans to Man City. (Alex Raitt, England).

    "We want five!"
    Aberdeen fans while 4-2 up against Celtic. (Mark Watt, Scotland).


    "Becks Dumps Posh!"
    On the Leeds United official website after a Jermaine Beckford brace sinks Peterborough at Elland Road. (Ross McIntyre, UK).

    February 3(!)

    "There's only one Shay Given!"
    Stoke City fans to soon-to-be-number-two Man City keeper Joe Hart. (Dannielle Robbins, UK).

    "There's only one CCFC!"
    Cardiff City fans during their 2-0 defeat of Coventry City.(David Beidas, England).

    "Go on Frodo!"
    Sheffield United fans during 5ft 6in Jamie Ward's home debut against Doncaster.(Chris, England).

    "We forgot all five of you were here!"
    Leeds fans to Southend's small travelling contingent. (Glyn Baverstock, England).

    Aston Villa fans: "One song! You've only got one song."
    Portsmouth fans: "We've got one more song than you!"
    Banter at Pompey-Villa. (Alex, UK).

    "Given would have saved that!"
    Man City fans to Newcastle keeper Steve Harper, as Shay Given prepared to join City. (Glyn Moos, England).

    "You're not fit to referee!"
    Cardiff fans to the departing ref after he was injured during the game at Coventry.

    "Bring back the other one!"
    The new ref gives a dodgy foul against Cardiff, and the fans respond accordingly. (Ben, Wales).
  14. Marquez

    Marquez Member

    Apr 20, 2006
    HA!! Laughed out loud at that one. I love this stuff. The Stadium Announcements are some of the funniest stuff I've heard. Keep 'em coming. :)
  15. EastEnclosure

    EastEnclosure Member

    Feb 5, 2000
    Glasgow, UK
    Randers FC
    25th March

    "Where are ya?!"
    Brentford fans to Dagenham counterparts after a floodlight failure at Victoria Road forced the game to be called off.
    Dagenham v Brentford
    Anyone fancy a pint?

    "We can't see you sneaking out!"
    Bees supporters continue to amuse themselves in the dark. (Andy Williams, Essex).

    "Rafa's cracking up!"
    Ironic Liverpool fans during the 4-1 thumping of Man Utd. (Kath, UK).

    "You're getting sacked in the morning!"
    Crewe fans at the game with Leeds after the stadium announcer asked:"Can the referee's assessor please report to the office?" (Stewart Hurley, UK).

    "You only live round the corner!"
    Fulham fans to Man Utd during the 2-0 win. (Debbie, UK). Oldie but goldie - Ed.

    "He's left his pants on the pitch!"
    Grimsby fans after a streaker dropped his pants in the area, leaving them for keeper Wayne Henderson to pick up. (Natalie, England).

    "Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, we're going to Shrewsbury! Que sera sera!"
    Gallows humour from Cheltenham fans during the 1-0 victories over Hartlepool and Tranmere. (Steven Partlett, UK).

    "Your supporters are better than you!"
    Hendon fans to Harlow Town's players when Hendon were winning 4-0. Earlier that day, Harlow supporters had beaten Hendon fans in a penalty shoot-out following a goalless draw. (Steve Rogers, England).
    Don't even think about it, pal

    "Who ate all the swan?"
    Chant from Leigh Genesis fans at Nantwich's portly striker Andy Kinsey after he scored the (posh) Cheshire side's last goal in an 8-0 win over Leigh. (Matt Lawton, Lancashire).

    "Fahey's a jolly good fellow."
    Birmingham fans at Doncaster in honour of midfielder Keith Fahey. (POB, England).

    "Watch out! Beadle's about!"
    Luton Town fans when police emerged with cameras during the game with Grimsby. (John, England).

    "Top of the league, you're havin' a laff."
    Man Utd fans after scoring against Liverpool.
    "Top of the league, you're havin' a laff."
    Liverpool fans to Man Utd after scoring their fourth. (Rob, England).

    "You're not bouncing anymore!"
    Cardiff fans to bouncing Bristol City supporters after scoring an equaliser. (Mike Davies, Wales).

    "It's blue, it's square, you're going down to there - Conference! Conference!"
    Aldershot fans as doomed Luton head for the Blue Square Premier. (John, England).

    "Andre Ooijer, Andre Ooijer, Andre Ooijer, Andre Ooijer, Andre Ooooooo-ijer!"
    Blackburn fans to the tune of Hallelulah. (Joe, England).

    "We've got more points than you!"
    Hull fans to Newcastle.
    "We've got more fans than you!"
    Newcastle fans reply. (Ben, England).


    "Scoring his first goal for Preston North End, Number 20, Ben Turner!"
    After Coventry City defender Ben Turner scored an own goal at Deepdale! (Dean Atkinson, UK).

    "If anyone has a good knowledge of beetles - the insect, not the band - could they please make themselves known to us."
    Before the match between Eastbourne Borough and Burton Albion. (Richard Bayes, UK).

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