Champions League - Former Soviet Union Clubs (R)

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    Champion's League - Former Soviet Union Clubs (R)

    Group B - Spartak Moscow gets in with Valencia, Liverpool, & the surprise conquerors of Celtic, FC Basle. 1st game for the Meat (@ Basle) is a big one.

    Group E - Unlucky draw for Dinamo Kyiv -- Juventus, Newcastle, & Feyenoord. Ouch.

    Group H -- Lokomotiv is lumped with Barcelona, Galatasaray, and Brugge.
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    Kyiv would be doing well to finish third in their group and Spartak's prospects aren't great, but I think Lokomotiv still has a chance to advance.

    Barça, of course, will be a very tough to beat, but I think a pair of wins against Brugge and a home win against Galatasaray could see them through - provided Barça stays interested.

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