Centre of Defense--Vidic vs. Brown

Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by JC7rox, Apr 13, 2006.

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    Doesn't offer that much going forward but it would be a long day for all the attacking players who dared to tread too close to our penalty area:


    EDIT: I voted Brown. More experienced, and a product of our youth system. That said, I don't feel there's that much between them at this point though...
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    i voted for vidic because he has stamina and is really tall corners wont be easy with rio and vidic
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    Squad rotation.
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    Both have impressed this season, complement Rio and bring a different quality to the table. If a decision needs to be made though, then I look at things in a distinct way and please jump in if you feel this is incorrect in any way. When I watch Vidic play he strikes me as being very proactive. Brown strikes me as being retroactive. Given a choice between both defensive styles, I personally prefer the former. I also like the added bite Vidic brings and his ability to distribute from deep.
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    Well said. Somebody get this man a latte.

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