Cause for optimism under the new 'boss'

Discussion in 'Liverpool' started by imasyko, Nov 5, 2004.

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    I realize most here have probably read this, but I thought it a good piece, and really descriptive of what has become apparent on the field. These guys seem to play better for Benitez. Even with all the injuries, every game almost appears an improvement over the last, and the current form of Traore and Biscan are a clear sign that Rafa is getting results. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm beginning to believe Liverpool may finish higher than I had thought, maybe even supplant one or two of the 'Big three'.,1563,1343967,00.html
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    Being a Valencia fan, I knew what Rafa could bring to the table. I didn't know what to expect this year, with the new system, new players (and now massive injury problems), but I thought we would be a good side.

    I thought it would be a year before we make a run for the title, and still do, but a top three finish would be great, considering the adversity this year. If we get a few good January signings, look out.
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    I think that this optimism comes from Liverpool's realistic expectations this year. Last year was such a disappointment that everyone is cautious in what to expect. I think the players, especially the much maligned Biscan and Traore, feel a freedom to open up their games now. Everyone last year seemed to be playing not to make mistakes. As for Benitez, he is saying all the right things and the fans are behind him. It couldn't have been easy for Houllier with the distractions from outside and I think this caused him to lose faith in any untested players which caused them to lose faith in themselves. Biscan and Traore were both promising when we signed them, they just haven't been given a proper chance. As for Diao and Cheyrou, well... everybody makes mistakes. Pascal Cygan can't be Wenger's proudest moment.

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