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  1. Wanted to wish #4 a happy 21st birthday. Not a bad way to turn 21 -- celebrating a win over Norway!!!!! Hopefully after last night's game she was able to spend time with family and friends if they made it to the game. And maybe they were good enough to bring her some Milo's tea!


    Nice assist last night.
  2. Berly16ROX

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    Sep 27, 2001
    Cat Reddick has been playing great soccer and she continued that last night. Hope she was to tired to party, dont want and hangovers lasting until sunday. HB Cat! (Hey, its my birthday on the 10th, a nice belated present would be a nice shiny gold trophy...)
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    Happy Birthday, Cat!

    You've done a great job these past few games - keep it up! (And now, get back to hitting the books - Cram for those tests!!!) :)
  4. cave canem!

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    Jan 18, 2003
    hate to spill the beans, but her birthday is Feb. 10 (2/10)...whoever wrote the story about it being her b'day must have thought the date was listed in euro format...
  5. A lesson to all

    And now we all know to double check sources. I was looking at the bios on the Fifa Women's World Cup site and came across the actual words "2 October 1982."

    Had I double checked with my U.S. Soccer Media Guide, I would have found her correct date of birth.

    Thanks for the correction, cave canem! -- much appreciated. :)

    Cat's still doing a helluva job out there. Keep it up! Hope to see you in Cary in December after you and the team win the World Cup championship.
  6. nordby1

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    Sep 4, 2001
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    Reddick on "Inside Soccer" Today

    Catherine "Please Don't Call me CAT" Reddick is scheduled to be one of the guests on the "Inside Soccer" internet radio show Saturday Ocotber 18th at 5 PM PT (8PM ET).


    The FIFA site made the same mistake with Canadian Silvana Burtini's birthday and listed it as October 5th when it is actually May 10th. :rolleyes: The ESPN staff used the information directly from the FIFA site and wished Silvana a "Happy Birthday" during the Canada - Sweden semi-final match.

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