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    Stealing a minute from my deal to share what I thought was an interesting free form discussion with CAParreira on Globo yesterday.

    He was in the Globo studio for a 10 minute segment in which he answered questions from reporters and the man on the street. Here are the items I remember (please keep in mind that I am paraphrasing, going off of memory, and not following the actual sequencing of the questions, and omitting more questions that I can't recall at the moment). If anyone else saw or taped the piece please add on. Regardless, share your views on his comments, which I enjoyed because they could not be rehearsed or planned.
    Q - What are your goals for the Selecao?

    CAP – I want to finish in first place in the SA qualifiers at the end of the year. I also want to go into the WC with two clear starters for each position. I want to break the trend of past WCs where Brasil has won when going in discredited, and lost when going into the tournament as favorites.
    Q – Are R.Carlos and Cafu’s place secure for the WC in two years time?

    CAP – It is up to them. If they continue to show the highest level of physical, technical, and mental aptitude they are guaranteed. Truth be told, no other players on either flank have come to the fore and secured a spot. Those positions are still awaiting someone to claim them.

    Editorial – That is as straightforward of a statement as any, and a message to the contenders for those slots.
    Q - Is Alex’s absence from the Ecuador game an indication that he is not in your plans?

    CAP – Alex is a major talent, and probably the best passer of the ball in the world, but his game lacks a “physical” dimension…like Kaka for example. Alex needs to involve himself more in the game and reach the box more consistently to conclude plays. At Cruzeiro, where he was asked to primarily deliver the incisive pass to two mobile forwards, with no defensive duties, he did just that with aplomb; but I’m looking for more from him. Again, his passing skills are probably the best in the world, and his set pieces are half-a-goal. I want to see more vitality.

    Editorial – This answer, along with CAP’s tactical rigidity and the two players for every position comment (I take that to mean two players to play the position in similar fashion) indicates to me that sadly Alex is probably done for serious contention for the Selecao.
    Q - Did you ever consider Serginho (the player who just tragically passed from Sao Caetano) for a NT call-up?

    CAP – No. I admired the way he played, as we faced him several times when I was with Corinthians…but no.

    Editorial - Straight up CAP. He could have sugarcoated an anwer to make the guy’s family smile, but kept it real.
    Q – Who are the “fora de serie” players in the world today? [In this case I took it to mean not just world class players, but more like world beaters].

    CAP – From Brazil I’d say we are blessed with R.Gaucho, Kaka, and Ronaldo. The Rooney kid in England has to be watched closely. Spain has talented players but I don’t see any in that class. Zidane for what he has done the last 10 years, and T.Henry and P.Vieira also for France. In Italy, the defender Nesta is in that category.

    Editorial - I’m sure if given more prep time he would have come up with a couple of more names; but it is interesting to see what came off the top of his head…almost always an indication of your predominate view.
    Q – Do you have any idols?

    CAP – Only one, Pele.

    Editorial - CAP obviously understood the question to be solely in footballing terms, but again his answer is telling. He has been professionally involved with Brasilian football since the mid-60s and has seen his fair share of players (remember he was on the WC ’70 coaching staff), and must have seen players back into the 50’s as a young man. He named but one.
    Q – CAP what is your perspective on Romario versus Ronaldo as the best post Pele?

    CAP – I generally don’t like comparisons between players, or teams, or titles such as Greatest. I think everyone needs to judged based on their time and circumstances, and whether they maximized their performance. Having said that, I do see Pele as a notch above everyone, with the Cryuffs, Maradonas, Zicos, Beckenbauers and others falling into the category of all-time greats. No reason that Romario and Ronaldo will not be on such a list.
    Q –What is your opinion on the exodus of players to Europe? Good or bad?

    CAP – Both. It is good for the players in the sense that, like all other professionals, they mature quicker when placed in new environments and forced to adapt. They also get to learn different styles of play. As long as they don’t lose their creativity and technical abilities it can only be a plus for them.

    It is bad for the Brasilian football public. There was a time when every weekend you could see Garrincha, Pele, Rivelino and people like that. Today, all of them would have been transferred to Europe early on in their careers, depriving us from enjoying their talents. I guess you can even find a silver lining in this, as some argue that it creates space for new talents to emerge.
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    Hmmm. No mention of Adriano???

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