Canadian cities.

Discussion in 'Candidate Cities' started by shizzle787, Dec 10, 2016.

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    Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, and Winnipeg could likely all have enough support teams. If MLS goes to 32 clubs, I would suggest there be at least 5 or maybe 6 Canadian ones to bring Canada into the fold more.
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    Winnipeg has NHL and CFL in a city of well under a million. Quebec City is that size, too. They get a team sometime after Bakersfield. Which is to say never.

    Canada is small. It has about a tenth of the population of the U.S. It has only three metro areas over 2 million, with three others between 1 and 1.5. There are over forty American cities larger than Calgary, Edmonton, or Ottawa. MLS Canada is built out. Toronto for Ontario, Montreal pour les Quebecois, Vancouver for the West.
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    Garber has stated on record that there aren't going to be any more Canadian teams. It's the Pareto Principle - the three MLS cities contain 30% of Canada's population. If you include each MLS city's provincal population as possible fans, that number rises to 75%.

    The Canadian Premier League is rumored to be starting in 2018 and may include a team in the Toronto area (no TV contract is possible without it), but probably not the other MLS markets. It will probably start out with 7 or 8 of the following cities: Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Quebec City, Moncton, Halifax.
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    Calgary and Ottawa are likely the only options if MLS were to ever consider expanding there.

    It's 10 hours straight through from Calgary to Vancouver. Vancouver is not drawing a significant amount of fans from Alberta.


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    Ontario city snd winnipegway too small for mls and would not get the support to survive..OTTAWA could be a goid mls city

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