Can Addicks get it together?

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by hartley, Nov 1, 2004.

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    I'm just wondering how bad this is going to get and what can be done about it? It is frustrating to see the club struggle. I can live with the losses. But not playing well really hurts. We seem to lost some of our heart somewhere along the way.

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    from the reports of the boro match it seems like the left wing issue could be solved with Thomas.
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    The next three matches are Spurs, Man U and Chelsea. I think three points from those matches are mandatory. After that they face the three promoted sides back to back to back. They must get at least seven points from those matches if not the full nine.

    They are a very hard club to watch. If you listened to the commentary on Saturday you would have heard former-Addick Steve Brown make the comment off the broadcast, "Can I have a cigarette? I don't even smoke. That's how tough this is to watch." He even said that they play too much defensive football despite what Alan claims and Steve is a Charlton appologist.

    I would hope Curbs finally plays Rommedahl regularly on the right now that Jerome Thomas has made his way on to the left. He was injured Saturday which was why he wasn't around. Steve Brown also made the comment that no one in the club wants to play on the right. Well, I'm sure Dennis would be more than happy to take that place.

    Our biggest problem is still at striker. It appears no one is capable of being a threat and can put the ball between the posts.

    Richard Murray said today that money will be available in January for transfers. Let's hope that they blow it all on one really good striker that can't play in several other positions. Spreading the money around certainly hasn't worked.
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    Yes, Thomas has impressed. He has been one of the few bright spots. He has yet to dent the net, but his work rate is exceptional compared to everyone else. He seems hungry.

    Maybe no one wants to play on the right because they all know Dennis should be out there. If Curbs won't play him in his best position because of his defense, then maybe Dennis should be a strker too! Ha! His speed and crossing ability need to be out there.

    Yes, we need a striker or two. But it would also be nice if Curbs put a pair out there consistently so they could learn to work together. Lisbie and Jeffers or Euell and Jeffers would be my choice right now. Lisbie and Jeffers have looked good together with Kevin knowing how to pass it to the fox. If Curbs put Jeffers out on a consistent basis, maybe he would perform consistently. Jeffers needs to start and be out there a whole match again and again. He's not the kind of player to microwave into rhythmn.

    And whom to buy? I have no idea. I agree we should now go out and get one really good player -- maybe even a great player. I just don't know who that would be.

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