C-USA postseason awards

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  1. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    First-Team All-Conference USA
    F: Simon Bird, Louisville
    F: Chris Lee, Marquette
    F: Vedad Ibisevic, Saint Louis
    MF: Tim Brown, Cincinnati
    MF: Josh Gardner, Cincinnati
    MF: Leandro de Oliveira, UAB
    MF: Marin Pusek, UAB
    D: Adrian Cann, Louisville
    D: Nick Gannon, Saint Louis
    D: Tony McManus, UAB
    GK: Brad Sokolowski, Louisville

    Second-Team All-Conference USA
    F: Will John, Saint Louis
    F: Andy Metcalf, Memphis
    F: Mira Mupier, Charlotte
    MF: John DiRaimondo, Saint Louis
    MF: Brian Grazier, Saint Louis
    MF: Floyd Franks, Charlotte
    MF: Dayton O’Brien, Memphis
    D: Brandon Dobbs, Cincinnati
    D: Anders Cedergren, Cincinnati
    D: Andy Pusateri, Saint Louis
    GK: Martin Hutton, Saint Louis

    Third-Team All-Conference USA
    F: Jerson Monteiro, UAB
    F: Hunter West, USF
    F: Derek Guiterrez, Marquette
    MF: Clyde Simms, East Carolina
    MF: Keeron Benito, USF
    MF: Cooper McKee, Saint Louis
    MF: Nnamdi Ngwe, UAB
    D: Graham Gibbs, Memphis
    D: Joe Lampert, Charlotte
    D: Matt Neely, Louisville
    GK: John Adams, Cincinnati

    All-Freshman (No position restriction)
    Vedad Ibisevic, Saint Louis
    John DiRaimondo, Saint Louis
    Will John, Saint Louis
    Brian Grazier, Saint Louis
    Marco Terminesi, Louisville
    Sam Miller, Cincinnati
    Chris Arnold, Charlotte
    Jerson Monteiro, UAB
    Keeron Benito, USF
    Nathan Sabich, Marquette
    Kareem Smith, USF

    Freshman of the Year
    Vedad Ibisevic, Saint Louis

    Co-Defensive Player of the Year
    Adrian Cann, Louisville
    Tony McManus, UAB

    Player of the Year
    Simon Bird, Louisville

    Coach of the Year
    Hylton Dayes, Cincinnati

    What can anyone tell me about Simon Bird.

    Also, it's nice to see a coach of color doing well and getting recognized. We need more of that in American soccer.
  2. soccertom

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    Jun 2, 1999

    Simon Bird is a classic British style "Target Forward". Very powerful in the air and on the ball. Strong shot. Plays a lot of post up, back to the goal, holding the ball, laying the ball off to support runners. Simon will get a look from MLS and most probably will end up being an A League top performer.
  3. andythemick

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    Aug 22, 2003
    louisville, ky
    Simon has had a great year this year, and a great career overall, actually. Since the previous post described his playing style and abilities, I'll give you a few stats. He scored 12 goals this year, including 3 game-winners, and now has 29 for his career. Its just a shame that Adrian Cann was out due to eligibility questions, or the team probably could have posted 2 or 3 more wins than they did. Now, with the first-round loss to UAB in the tourney, it looks like his college career is over.

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