Bush's Energy Policy

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    In 2001, as George W. Bush took office, he stated that energy policy would be a high priority. This was followed by the Enron-related rolling blackouts in California. After this fiasco, the president established the National Energy Policy Development Group and appointed Cheney as its head.

    Cheney and his still-unnamed energy cronies, we assume, was worried about the fact that 50% of America's oil was coming from overseas, and suggested we take over some countries with oil. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I think we tried this approach.

    Quite simply, George W. Bush's energy policy was to keep America firmly dependant on oil. Due to the fact that most of this oil was now in the hands of foreigners instead of Texans, oil became the lynchpin of our foreign policy, equal in importance to fighting global terrorism. And oh how the two are related.

    When it became apparent in recent months that taking over Iraq and sending in Texas contractors wasn't improving the oil situation, George W. Bush changed tactics. He claimed America was "addicted to foreign oil" and that nuclear and other alternative technologies might work better than taking over Iran (while simultaneously claiming that we might take over Iran).

    Basically, this is our President in a nutshell. Recognize there is a problem, and ask his handlers what his opinion is. Allow Cheney to run the show, secretly, while meeting with big business donors, and come up with a policy that helps his donors to the detriment of the citizenry at large. Hide and obfuscate what the policy is and where it came from. Keep saying the policy works when it is obvious to outside observers that it does not. With polls dropping and results unsatisfying, start the spin. This has occured with the energy policy, with the perscription drug program, with NCLB, etc.

    So imagine my surprise when the energy policy comes full circle. This time, with no Enron energy trading, and no real energy policy, it looks like the lack of power has hit home for Bush. Literally. (Well, not really, he's not from Texas.)


    Oil is $70.88 today. Based not on anything other than expected supply and demand.

    How's Bushes energy policy? What is Bush's energy policy?
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    I think in his State of the Union address, Bush admitted that something has to be done (aha Switchgrass!), but thats about the extent of his contributions to the subject so far.

    Until the oil companies have enough time to shift gears into something mass produceable like Hydrogen (not saying thats the fuel) it ain't gonna change. They are making massive profits right now, so until the money train peters out, ain't much gonna change.
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    The energy policy is very successfull. The Exxon guy just got a 400Million parachute. (including company paid 24 hour personal security did you notice?) Who do you think energy policy is designed to serve?
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    I can't believe there was never a late-era Southern Rock band named Switchgrass.
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    It was the name that Cameron Crowe was going to use for his fake Almost Famous band before deciding on Stillwater.

    Anyhow, Bush has an energy policy: find more sources of the same old energy, drill it out, and use it. He and most other inner circle WH staff profit handsomely from this policy.

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