Burn @ KC Prematch: Sat 10/18

Discussion in 'Sporting Kansas City' started by Beech, Oct 16, 2003.

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    Sat 10/18/03 @ 7:00pm CDT - Weather Forcast: Mostly Sunny 73/53 0% chance for rain.

    This one serves only to draw us closer to having the home leg against Colorado last.

    Meaningful stuff from MLSnet.com:http://mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=10182003_DALKC&version=preview

    Important Stuff:
    REFEREE: Ricardo Valenzuela. SAR (bench): Chris Strickland; JAR (opposite): Richard Eddy; 4th: TBD
    Games involving Wizards: P6 W3 L3 T0; FC/gm: 27.8; Y/gm: 3.7; R: 2; pens: 0
    Games involving Burn: P10 W4 L4 T2; FC/gm: 34.4; Y/gm: 5.6; R: 9; pens: 3
    INJURY REPORT: KANSAS CITY WIZARDS – OUT: D Jose Luis Burciaga (R torn ACL) … DALLAS BURN – OUT: F Jason Kreis (L ACL surgery), M Brad Davis (pelvic bone stress injury); DOUBTFUL: D Steve Morrow (neck strain); QUESTIONABLE: F Gavin Glinton (R hamstring strain), F Toni Nhleko (R knee sprain)
    SUSPENDED: none
    YELLOW PERIL: KC: Davy Arnaud (8 CP in 2 gms); Diego Gutierrez (19 CP); Preki (20 CP); Kerry Zavagnin (17 CP); Alex Zotinca (20 CP) … DAL: Oscar Pareja (7 CP additional)

    Note: NO INJURIES outside of JBjr. That means there might be a Wolff sighting paired with the White Russian up top. Sprinkle on some Klein and Preki right behind and Hmmm... we may just have another Dallas butt kicking on our hands (sorry Burn fans, your may be catching us as our team is getting hot again). PS good to see Ronnie O'Brien back playing again.

    Now let's work on solidifying that defence. Gutierrez has been more than adequate as a center back but still hangs Meola out to dry at least twice a game. Meola has gone the wrong way on every single PK I seen him face this year. (Tony you do still watch tendencies on tape on occasion don't you?) Conrad and Garcia have been more consitant and Z1 is good as always. Z2 is turning out to be a pretty solid player as well keeping Talley (& Armstrong) for that matter on the bench.

    I still like Armstrong over Quill but may never see it outside of that we may actually see some of the youth get a run late this Saturday night. I doubt they make the trip to DC the week after and hopefully Andy Mead can help us break their curse in DC but that is another thread.

    Go Wiz
    Victory 4-1

    Question: What happens with the caution points once the playoffs start? Does everyone get clean sheets and then sit after two yellows etc. Otherwise half our starters are gonna get (21 points?) suspension at some point during the playoffs. If so secretely lets get them over with on sooner than later... Sorry Dallas... We'll just do curse word fouls, delay of game and persistent infrigement type stuff.

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  2. LSNsoccer362238

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    He doesn't even TRY anymore. You can tell. He will just kind of step to the side, he doesn't even dive anymore. It's frustrating that he won't try, but I guess he sees it as a no win situation for himself.
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    Being a keeper myself... it looks to me like he just guesses the wrong way and gives up once the ball leaves the foot and he realizes he's not gonna make the save.

    Saving a PK is all about being in "the zone." Sometimes a PK zone can last months, and when you're in it, it seems like you can save them all (e.g. Friedel during the Cup.)

    On the other hand, if you're cold on PKs... you're screwed. Nothing goes right.
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    It would be interesting to see what his stats are regarding pks saved. Isn’t the average like 10%? He hasn’t had a good season and maybe his time is up, however I wait till the playoffs are over till I get too pissed. If he gets hot in the playoffs we have a very good shot at winning the cup.

    Wizards 3-1
  5. Unorthodox Yank

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    Sadly, wont be able to make it.

    but... i hope we do well.

    of course.
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    Caution points and playoffs

    Red cards do carry over, but caution points do not.

    MLSnet.com explains in more detail at http://www.mlsnet.com/about/regulations/:

    Any suspension resulting from yellow card earned in a players final regular season game will NOT carry over into the playoffs or the next League season, although any applicable fines will be collected. However, point accumulations from yellow cards will begin anew in the playoffs. Any player who receives a red card in his last game of the season (regular or postseason), will serve the one game suspension during their next game, regardless of if it occurs in the playoffs, MLS Cup or the first game of the following regular season. Postseason caution point suspensions earned in a player’s final postseason match will not carry over to a player’s next League game. All red card and caution point suspensions will, if necessary (in the event of a trade or other personnel moves), follow a player to a new team.


    As for the game...what an opportunity we have tonight. With Colorado visiting Chicago this evening, we have an excellent chance to pick up 2nd place with a little help from the new U.S. Open Cup champions. With Colorado closing out the regular season at Dallas next weekend, we really need to get ahead this evening if we want to take second. Taking second might be helpful too, because as Tony Meola and Kerry Zavagnin pointed out on KC Kicks this week, if we have to play the 30-minute golden goal tiebreaker game, it would be much better for us to play that at Arrowhead than Mile High.

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