Breakers' GM Crossley talks about marketing to adults

Discussion in 'Boston Breakers' started by madisonroad, Dec 23, 2009.

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    100% true. If the WPS fails to attract more of the adult audience they will run short on the corporate sponsorships, media attention and TV coverage. Imo this will determine the fate of the league.
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    I hope this means getting a better beer selection at the stadium next year.

    Andy has it right, no question broader based marketing to soccer fans including adults is important. The question is how, and how quickly?
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    Jun 9, 2002

    As always, great perspective and tremendous honesty! Good to hear it spoken/printed.

    Here's a thought...

    The Central Blood Bank (and/or Red Cross) have teamed with the Pittsburgh Steelers for the last 2 years (including yesterday) to do a blood drive in the Steelers lockerroom.

    See video here

    Perhaps the Breakers could do something similiarly and grow the fan base in a natural giving way.

    Just a thought...

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