Brazil: your opinion on bringing.....maybe not a full squad.

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by OWN(yewu)ED, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. OWN(yewu)ED

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    May 26, 2006
    chico, CA
    One side: We've learned and understand that league requirements supercede anything outside of MLS. Save for something special. Brazil, to me, is something special. As would be England, France, Italy, or Argentina. But especially Brazil. Any time you play Brazil, its something special. You want to enhance the profile of the league and US soccer at large through means not called David Beckham, you give a good performance aganst Brazil. You give that team the dignity and respect they deserve, and give them our best. Putting players like Zavignin, Wolff, EJ, or Arnaud doesn cut it. Players like Clark, Parkhurst, Bornstein, and Conrad do.

    The other side....MLS is a business. We want to get our team to the playoffs and ultimately win the cup. We want every single person available to help the cause, and build the profile of our squad. Besides we have enough guys coming from overseas to provide enough depth to make a competitive team at any rate.

    Its a good arguement either way and i think we can be competitive, we just dont have depth, and Jozy's injury couldnt have come at a worse time. Post intended for rational debate, and both sides have a good arguement, just wanna hear other peoples thoughts. I tend to lean slightly towards the first arguement, but thats just me.
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    i think the notion of a "full squad" is only applicable one of every four years- for your last round of qualifing and the world cup. outside of that there are a handful of international tourneys you want to bring your best for- but youre building towards the world cup. thats the only time your "best" team matters.

    a 3-1 loss sunday will mean exactly the same thing a 2-0 win will in a year- nothing, really. we will have roughly our "best" 11 at the moment on the field, so why does it matter if players 14-19 are projects, or stopgaps, or just getting a look?

    i dont get how its disrespectful of mighty brazil to not bring in an "if the world cup started today" squad- when theres no such thing in the first place.
  3. maturin

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    Jun 8, 2004
    One wonders what the point is of scheduling friendlies when MLS is playing if we're going to defer to the league at any cost.
  4. OWN(yewu)ED

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    May 26, 2006
    chico, CA
    thats a good question. I think its at our behest and for the advantage of other leagues though.
  5. mcnaulty21

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    It's a friendly. In the middle of the MLS season.
    No reason to bring a full squad. Except to appease some of the members of BS
  6. casoccerdad47

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    Mar 31, 2006
    The MLS could avoid all of these problems by not scheduling games on FIFA's international dates. If the MLS continues to bring in marquee players, like Beckham, its going to become more and more of a problem. Other national team coaches aren't going to care if Huston of the Red Bulls have games, they're going to call in their players and the teams have to honor those call ups.
  7. gosh1976

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    May 29, 2005
    At this point in MLS history it's probably not feasible for MLS to avoid all of the international dates but it does seem like they could schedule around at least some of the dates.

    As far as the original post like it or not EJ is at very least on the team when we have a full squad and at this point probably deserves it. Now as far as the others Zavignin, Wolff, and Arnaud. I would have rather seen players like Clark, Adu, Altidore, Conrad and maybe some of the other younger players called in but it's not a big deal and I'm assuming that Adu and Altidore will get their chance sooner rather than later.

    It is Brazil and it would be great to see a 100% full US squad but it is just one year into the new cycle what that team consists of is surely up for debate and will surely change between now and 2010. However it is just a friendly and unfortunately the MLS season is going to influence the call ups and I think at this point it's not a big deal. A little tweak to the MLS season can help with this in the future.

    I'm more worried about what the team looks like in qualifying (where we have actually struggled at times prior to the WC 06 qualifiers) and in the confederations cup and in 2010.

    It does seem wasteful not to bring the best team possible without regard to club soccer with the exception of some younger players getting a look or getting the experience that will come in handy through qualifying but in the big scheme of things not a big deal.

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